Drinking a cup of yogurt daily can cure constipation

Drinking a cup of yogurt daily can cure constipation

Civilian medical experts said recently that for many adults suffering from constipation, if they develop the habit of drinking a cup of yogurt every day, they may say goodbye to constipation.

  At the ancient health (health food) symposium, the vice-chairman of the Rhonia Medical Association said that there are various bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract, including both probiotics that are beneficial to the human body and those that are harmful to human health.Harmful bacteria.

Probiotics are predominant in the body, and people will show a healthy state.

The probiotics contained in yogurt can not only promote the health of the body, but also stimulate the peristalsis, increase the moistness of the feces, change the residence time of the excrement inside the colon, and prevent constipation.

  According to a survey, the per capita consumption of yogurt by Romanians is only 5 kg per year, compared with 15 kg in Bulgaria. As a result, the number of constipation in Bulgaria is much lower.

Voyosu said that many people suffer from constipation without knowing the damage.

Constipation is actually an important factor inducing colon cancer, leading to cerebral hemorrhage and heart attacks.

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