Carefully cheated by some men in 2011

Carefully cheated by some men in 2011

Although you think you are a normal person, it is very easy to meet the best men. His words and deeds make you feel that this is the end of the world.

What kind of best men do you easily meet?

  1. Do you think you are over 30 years old and are about to have fantasies about love?

  A, yes -2 B, not -3 2. Are there many successful cases of blind dates around you?

  A, a lot of -3 B, a little less -4 3, have you ever slapped in front of the opposite sex?

  A, sent -4 B, never sent -5 4, sometimes your relationship is not smooth, do you think this is because you are not lucky enough?

  A, yes, it ‘s good to comfort myself -5 B, I do n’t think that it may be a factor of fate -6 C, what luck is fate, all people are making trouble -7 5, are you officially dating?

  A, dating -6 B, not -7 6, do you think online dating is reliable?

  A, OK -7 B, not reliable -8 C, reliable family without the introduction of 9-9, when you are a house, ignore anyone ,?

?Is anyone going crazy after playing it?

  A, yes -8 B, no, crazy -9 at all times, no, basically has been very home -10 8, your family started urging you to find a boyfriend at your age?

  A, before 23 -9 B, about 24 -10C, about 27 -11 D, after 30 -12 9, if possible, do you think the best place to find a lover?

  A, among friends -10 B, acquaintance classmates or friends -14 C, colleagues -12 10, to meet with the blind date, where do you think the best appointment is?

  A, -11 in the park, -13 C in the restaurant or cafe, -12 D in the cinema, -15 11 in the square, you don’t want to see the date of the blind date. Will you dress casually and talk casually?

  A,会,为了吓走对方-14 B,不会,不管怎么样不能输人-F C,会随意,但不是为了吓走对方,只为自己舒服-13 12,你相信爱情奇迹会降临到你Body?

  A, believe-A B, do not believe -13 13. Do you think that these men are unreliable in the relationships you have experienced?

  A,是的,相当不靠谱-E B,有一部分不靠谱-B C,都挺靠谱-15 14,如果你点了一杯咖啡,而相亲对象只点了一杯白开水,你会觉得对方是因为what reason?

  A, do not want to pay-B B, in order to save money -16 C, I just like to drink Bai Kai-F D, other reasons -15 15, if you are going to meet the blind date, what clothes will you wear?

  A, black-and-white OL outfit-E B, suit skirt-B C, casual wear-C 16, at the beginning, you were curious and hopeful for a blind date. Later, how much is your relationship?

  A,麻木-C B,绝望-D C,畏惧-A测试结果:A,色狼猥琐男你是单纯的,觉得相亲也不过是认识朋友的途径而已,可是这样的你却容易遇到一些并不单纯的People, they are straightforward and color-centered. Once they see you, they will “open the skylight to speak brightly” and talk to you about some topics about “sex” and “love”.

Oh my lady gaga, such topics will make you feel desperate for men immediately, and even feel that you would rather be a sister with gay, you must also refuse to have a blind date with such a wretched straight man.

Because the process is really an appetite, the topic is really disgusting.

  B, the soft rice man must not think that men have their own pride and self-esteem, so that they will not condescend to women’s feet and let them be at the mercy of women.

In fact, there is also a considerable part of soft rice men in this society. They do n’t feel ashamed to eat women ‘s food.

And you who have been working hard, are most likely to meet such a man when you are in a blind date.

When they say it, they ask you about your working salary, family background, and net worth.

Once you hear that you have a house and a car, and your parents do not need you to support them, your eyes will see the wolf that sees the prey, and it will glow green.

They think that you are chasing after each other. The picture is not how good you are, but when you chase you, you know that you have chased a long-term meal ticket. Is there any way that is easier to succeed than yourself?
Of course there is, being a super soft rice man.

  C, there is a kind of man in the face of an outbreak. He wants you to ask him how much personal assets he has, whether he has a house or a car, is he in a high vocational position, and he holds a good salary.

Even if you don’t want to inquire about this aspect, he will tell you all of this actively, and boast about how capable and successful he is to prove himself.

But in your eyes, it is not necessary to express it so eagerly.

Because a blind date is just just getting in touch, just like you would never ask a friend you just met with too many personal things, because your relationship has not developed so well.

But such a man is typical of a landlord, but you can’t feel any other charm.

  D, a small citizen’s mentality. Some men are born with a small citizen’s mentality. Would you consider talking about some light and interesting topics when you first go on a blind date?How much.

In your mind, although everyone has to contact Chaimi Youyan, life is already not easy, why you can still have such a heavy topic when you are in a blind date.

What’s more, that person is still in the process of stillness, giving you a vulgar feeling, a whole citizen, maybe a glass of water, you have to consider how much it costs.
Such stingy ghosts should be kept aloof.

  E, in the past, although the man has always been able to forget the last relationship, there are many people, but when you can’t stand the blind date, he has been talking to you about his first love ex.
Because in your heart, who hasn’t had one or more feelings has fallen to the point of a blind date, and there hasn’t been any past things, it is not too likely to face this blind date.

And that person is purely treating you as an emotional trash can, and everything is poured in, but he will not consider your feelings.

Keep talking about your emotional history, and now you don’t forget, you are not an emotional counselor, why should you accept his emotional trash.

  F, people who love men too much are n’t really too good. It ‘s just that behavioral patterns and language communication really let you find anything in common. The whole blind date process is that he keeps talking, but neverDon’t give you a chance to play.

Even if you plug it in, he will shoot your views one by one, letting you have the urge to shoot him with a brick.

Because in your eyes, he is not a gentleman and has no manners. It also shows that he is a person who is more focused on self-expression. If you do not accompany him for a lifetime, he is silent.If you are conscious, then you still need to cherish life and surpass such selfish and arrogant needy men.

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