Now,Everyone has taken the soul order,Go in front。

Be close to,Energy activation God’s Soul。
Not as before,God’s soul makes the stream to turn forward,Will everyone in it。
Everyone is going to stop,Touching the cliff colorful light,Direct integration。
They have come to another space。
Everyone is curious about four weeks。
I only see them within an extremely spacious space.,Like a temple,Also like a Dongfu。
There are no extra buildings around,Only one side tall stone wall。
They stand this place,It’s like ants.。
also,Here, there is a kind of foggy faint fog,Under the passage of the cave,Four sides of eight side light。
“Here is the high-end ancestors to open up for us.,Reward this place and the initial energy space of the universe,The nearest space。”
Lin Feng talking,“The initial energy of the universe penetrates this,Every thousand years,Will condense a few drops of spirit,The pulse of the pulse is swallowing the refining,Promotion of blood purity。”
Everyone is warm,Undergone。
Summer sacrifices your own contest。
He quickly missed the same。
Those who don’t know where、It’s like a foggy silk fog,So a few 光 光 不同。
His mind touch,Stick it immediately。
But just a moment,I feel very cool in the summer.,People can’t help but refresh。
“Those colorful lights in gray smog,Is it a spiritual solution??”
He secretly pays。
soon,He saw the largest mountain wall in this space.,Similarly, the colorful light,Similarly to the inner layer。
Gobian came to the summer side,Low voice,“Here is the outer layer,Many of the condensed spiritual liquid purity,For a while, their twelve people,We have to enter the inner layer。”
Summer nice head,Ask,“I remember one thousand in the past.,Reward is the Nirvana,Is these spiritual solution??” Goby dumb, laugh。
“of course not,Those Niri Linglui,It is just a foam in the valley.,Those guards are practiced with those spiritual fluids.。”
Summer is not surprised,“It can also condense the spirit solution in the valley?”
Gogjian is justified,“In fact, it is forbidden to be three floors.,The first floor is the spirit of our coming in.,The second is here,The third layer is the inner layer。”

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