Blue Xin is cold and cold:“So,Let Lu people take evidence first.,You will ask such words.,Your reporter and everyone will wear,Not?Chairman’s event,My husband and I have been together.,I can testify my family.。”

Lan Xin’s husband,Let Lu Hao Cheng have a bit more。
Male reporter:“Blue Director,Is this not a matter of land to prove??”
Blue Xin clear scorpion slightly and deep cold,Asked:“Why is my husband proved??People who are framed are my husband,So people who fall into my husband,Also have evidence that,Only one mouth,Buy a document to destroy my husband’s name,Is the person who should take evidence,Not?”
evidence,Evidence Lu Haozheng naturally,But she knows Lu Haozheng has their own concerns.,She didn’t ask too much.。
The male reporter did not expect to look at the temperature and the softness.,Soft and weak and good, Bulk Blue Xin let this 伶 牙 teeth。
It’s nothing to say to it.,indeed,The chairman of the land is related to the chairmanship,They have no evidence,Just in conjunction with the online speech。
Qin Ning and Lu Haokai are watching news live in the office。
The two faces are very uncein。
Lu Haokai:“Mother,Why do you want to do this??This thing is not easy to press,I have done a bomb in the morning.,Do you think that Lu Hao achievements will be afraid??When did he have been embarrassed??”
Qinning is a pair of eyesight,Tight look at Blue Xin and Lu Haozheng,Lu Haocheng protects Blue Xin’s picture extremely eye-catching,Blue Xin’s 牙 teeth,She is an experienced。
“Humph!The appearance of this woman,But let me dream,Lu Hao Cheng actually cares about her,In the public, it also protects her well.。”Qin Ning Answer,She is only to transfer Lu Hao Cheng’s attention。
As long as he transferred attention,She can secretly find Lu Wei.。
Lu Haokai,A face helpless,I am angry and slammed.,“Mother,Now talking about these,Blue Xin young and energetic,It’s beautiful and talented,It’s a man who will like it.,Lu Haocheng will add this in the body of Blue Xin.,How do you tell this thing now?,We have no evidence here to prove that Dad’s thing is Lu Haozheng.。”
Qin Ning looked up at him,Strange road:“Why are you so angry??You don’t say that Blue Xin is young and beautiful and energetic??you say,This woman,Can we buy her more??”
“hehe……”Lu Haokai,“Mother,Why are you more than me??That is Lu Hao Cheng’s favorite woman,The father of her three children is Lu Haozheng.,You want to buy Blue Xin to buy,is it possible?You dream。”
Qin Ning nodded,“Kaikai,I also talk about it.。Lu Group,We have been inserting,If Lu Hao Cheng is the closest person to be bought by us,Lu Haocheng was betrayed by his own closest people.,Is it not as good as death??”
Lu Haokai slightly,Laugh:“Mother,Lu Haozheng, this person has always reordered,He and Dad gathered a big smoother.,His three friends pulled him,Today, he is a Thanksgiving Dade.,If his most trusted people around him betrayed him,It is not small to him.。”
One said,Lu Haokai’s light is dim, a lot,He is there without any friends worthy of you.。
It’s really no contrast.。
“But Mom,Do you still have to do this now??”
Qin Ning:“Why don’t you come back??We and him are a long-lasting war.。”
Lu Haokai:“Seeing Lu Hao Cheng’s sadness is sad, but a rare thing。”This man has never concealed his inner ideas with a cold appearance.。
Qin Ning asked:“Kaikai,Do you have anyone who wants to have intentions to buy celebration and buildings??”It is a matter of urgent to sell this building.,After that, you can deal with the company’s things.。
Lu Haokai:“Mother,An Yan has already sent the news.,If there is a man who is intended to buy,Will call us。”
Qin Ning Road:“Um!”
Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin return to the office,Ou Jing is already in the office.。
Just current news,He has already seen it.。
Lu Haoheng and Blue Xinyi,He said,“Qin Ning wants to sell celebration and buildings。”
Lu Hao’s face is difficult to look,Whole body violent breath,“She dares!”
European:“She wants to secretly trading,Qinghe Building is a good location,Soon, I will encounter buyers.。”
“Yes?”Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,“I have to see who dares to buy.。”
NS889chapter:The general people can’t see
NS889chapter:The general people can’t see
Ou Jing is slightly flashing,Looked a blush。
Blue Xin knows the meaning of European,She laughed:“You guys chat,I am in the office 。”

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