“Correct!I answered a call。”Fuld went on to explain。

“But that is a business call,Because it’s too urgent,I want to hurry up on the flight to China,That’s why I asked my secretary Linda to convey my apologies to you。”
“Let you go back and wait two days,When I come back from Huaxia,Discuss cooperation matters。”
After speaking, Fuld took out two flight boarding passes from his handbag,Pass it to Qiao Tianyu。
“This is my ticket to and from China,You take a look。”
Qiao Tianyu took the boarding pass and took a look,It’s indeed Fuld’s boarding pass to and from China。
And judging from the flight time three days ago,Fuld indeed got on the plane that day shortly after the two talked。
.Joe,If it wasn’t for an emergency that day,I have time to write you a recommendation letter,Just come over and tell you,Why do you need to pass it through the secretary??”Fuld went on to explain。
“Moreover,David was kicked out of Lehman by me,He sees me as an enemy,How could I give him a talent like you?”
“Step back and say,Since I recommended you to him,Why do you want to be crazy short Jonathan Copper,Didn’t this put you to death?How could i do something like this!”
Heard Fuld’s explanation,Qiao Tianyu was dumbfounded。
Could it be said that Fuld was not controlled by the forces behind the scenes,Qiao Tianyu who was not hired?

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