then,In Xiao Fan’s opinion,He still prefers to plan this matter for the two of them alone。

He doesn’t want others to disturb his and Lin Yoona’s two-person world,Of course,One of the more important reasons,He wanted to take advantage of such a good opportunity that day,Come and take care of Lin Yoona,after all,Now Xiao Fan hasn’t forgotten such an important thing。
That’s because he eagerly wants a child from Lin Yoona。
Because this is the last reincarnation of Lin Yoona in her previous life,If in this life,He can’t get married with Lin Yoona yet,Heart-to-heart,If there is a love crystallization dedicated to the two of them,So Lin Yuna’s next life,Xiao Fan probably won’t find her again。
And this result is obviously something Xiao Fan can’t accept。
Because Xiao Fan himself is an immortal physique,He lived for hundreds of millions of years,The only persistence is that I can hope that I can have a perfect ending with Yoona Lin。
because,Only he and Lin Yoona have their love crystallization,They are the same,In other words, Lin Yuner will become as immortal as Xiao Fan,Or Xiao Fan will become the same mortal body as Lin Yuner。
To know,As long as he and Lin Yoona have children,So no matter which result,It’s all Xiao Fan wants to see。
With Xiao Fan’s cultivation,After having a child,Let two people become the same physique,Already hard-won,As for what kind of,He really can’t do it。
To know,Can do these,It’s almost exhausted his life’s cultivation。
so,For Xiao Fan now,In his heart he doesn’t want others to disturb him。
but,This is just my own thoughts,As for what Lin Yoona thinks,He really doesn’t know。
but,Just this thing,He also wanted to give Lin Yoona a huge surprise,so,There is absolutely no way for him to ask Lin Yoona about this.。
so,Xiao Fan is almost in a dilemma now。
For Xiao Fan,This matter is really difficult for him。

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