Finished,Qin Feng looks at the scholar。After all, the latter is helping him with text translation。

Medicine shook his head helplessly,“Such a kid,You go to our pharmacy and go around,See which girl said。Then book a pro,That’s it
The old people in the nursing home will no longer be in charge,But things have changed too much,So that the two old men Yaowuwei had to stand up。
As for where the remaining two old people are?Anyway, not in this courtyard。
and so,For the pharmacist’s face problem,He can only make a marriage。As long as Qin Feng becomes their uncle,Then everything can be done。
At least there is such a big killer as Qin Feng,Definitely can shock other ancient races。
of course,In fact, their Kunlun Six Ancients have always been in harmony,I didn’t even think about violating each other。It’s just that every ancient race cares about facial problems,That’s why Yaowuwei was proposed。
“amount,Can you refuse?”
Qin Feng somewhat resisted marrying a stranger he didn’t know。the most important is,He has been criticizing this kind of marriage system before!
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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Six Yaoqin
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Yao Wuwei smiled,“You refuse a try!”
This smile is full of coldness,Obviously this old man is also angry,After all, this is a step for both sides,Don’t need them to fight each other。the most important is,Actually, neither of them wants to do it again。
Qin Feng is a little embarrassed,“that,Then take a look。But if your pharmacist girl is too ugly,I disagree。and also,I promised Qiao Shan before,Will bring Yao Xiaoqin back for them。You have to agree to this condition。”
“Row,no problem!”
The two old people felt that Qin Feng’s conditions were not too difficult,I just agreed。
“and also.”

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