Borrowing "Democracy" "Human Rights" overbearing interference China’s internal affairs – experts unveiled the United States will fade the urine of Hong Kong

  On September 25th, the US Council of Congress was considered to "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy" in 2019.

The draft of the Act requires the US government to "certify the autonomy of Hong Kong every year" to determine whether to maintain "special treatment" to Hong Kong, but also threaten to sanction "Pressing Hong Kong Basic Freedom".

  In this regard, a number of experts pointed out that when they interviewed the reporter, the US fell by "democracy" and "human rights", and the Chinese internal affairs accepted the interference, and fought "Hong Kong card" to curb China, which will lead to further deterioration of Hong Kong. Damage to the interests of foreign countries in Hong Kong investors. Lihua Wen, a research firm, an international research institute, a Chinese Academy of China, a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that through the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Act" is a typical movement of US Congress interferes with China’s internal affairs. The United States has not been the first time through the bill, through the legislation of our domestic legislation, and violates the international law.

This is the implementation of the United States directly intervened to intervene in Hong Kong affairs, interfere with "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong. This move gives a wrong support signal for Hong Kong violence, and has a role of ignition and ignition of violence. Liu Huin said that since the return of Hong Kong, the "one country, two systems" has achieved recognized achievements in the world. The central government gives full trust and support for the Hong Kong SAR Government, the democracy, the rule of law, and human rights in Hong Kong have achieved long-term development in the "one country and two systems" "Hong Kong people to control Hong Kong". Original Hong Kong has a good development situation. Some problems can be found, but the external forces have formed huge disturbances in Hong Kong, which became the root of Hong Kong’s turmoil.

  Gao Zhikai, a director of the China International Relations, said that many of the riots have been in the US political forces, and the relevant practices are seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs and destroy the "one country and two systems." The US Congress is more fully exposed to the investigation of Hong Kong’s business intervention. It is basically not conducive to Hong Kong to stop violent, restored to the order, and it will only further destroy the social stability of Hong Kong, so that the SAR government resumes society. The order of the task has become more difficult.

  Gao Zhikai said that the US Congress is not in promoting the democratic development of Hong Kong, not to defend the rule of law and order in Hong Kong.

If you use the method of destroying the rule of law to promote the so-called "democracy", you can’t get real democracy, you will only get violence and horror. Only under the premise of defending the rule of law, we can build a more mature democracy in Hong Kong. Playing with "Double Standards", which is accused. Inserting China Hong Kong affairs provides the so-called "legal" excuse, but also lets the United States can get "Hong Kong" to issue China, and the impact on Sino-US relations is very negative. Gao Zhikai believes that the violence in Hong Kong is now in the United States and even any Western countries that can tolerate in their own country.

The United States is not condemned, but the wind is ignited, I hope that Hong Kong will further chance, this is a typical double standard.

In the increasingly complex situation in Sino-US relations, the US Congress will only make the Sino-US relations further complicate. If the United States is alone, the relationship between Sino-US relations will deteriorate, which is not good for China and the United States.

  "The United States is full of politics because of the goals." Liu Huin said that the level of democracy and the rule of law in Hong Kong has witnessed the international community. The bill passed by the US Congress said that there is no "standard" from a professional perspective. .

If the United States really has such a standard, it will not be able to draw this conclusion. The United States did not consider problems from the "human rights and democracy" perspective, but simple to sing, Hong Kong, political means is much larger than legal meaning, very irresponsible. "We don’t need American finger points, tell us what democracy and human rights should look like.

Yan Daming said that the United States took the so-called "democracy" and "human rights", and the excuses of the country were involved in the country.

The United States does not do its "democracy" and "human rights" it be advertised, but China is doing well in this regard according to the national development phase and the demand.

  Injury in Hong Kong Investor Interest Gao Zhikai, the reform and opening up for more than 40 years, including foreign investment in the United States and Hong entered China, carrying out various trade cooperation, usually in Hong Kong as a window.

In recent years, Hong Kong has continued to play a key bridge and platform role in China and the world. The United States should focus on the overall situation, take care of the reality of the United States and Hong Kong’s interests and its long-term through Hong Kong into the Chinese market, rather than being kidnapped by its anti-China politics.

  Daming believes that Hong Kong is a world-renowned world of freehae and international financial centers, and many countries and regions, including the United States, including many countries, including the United States.

Surprisingly disturb the order of the region, destroying normal business, there is no benefit to the United States. "The people of Hong Kong have full human rights." In Gao Zhikai, Hong Kong’s chaos have not been the so-called "human rights" problem in the United States, but the serious violent crimes of human rights, destroying rule of law and order. The mites should be condemned by all Hong Kong compatriots and rope. The United States should see the nature of the problem, not intentional to distort the situation in Hong Kong.

  "The United States is subjective judgment on democracy and human rights status, often has great deviations with reality.

At the situation facing Hong Kong, some people have no midburst, fabricated in air, and accusations against China, it is not responsible. "Jia Qingguo, Professor, School of International Relations, Peking University, said that after Jia Qingguo, Hong Kong has returned to the motherland, the Chinese government adheres to the" one country, two systems "policy, Hong Kong’s rule of law has been better, democracy has been developed, the election scope is expanding, the development results can be point.

The central government has made great efforts to maintain Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. Jia Qingguo said that there are some internal contradictions in Hong Kong, including the gap between the rich and the poor. It is necessary to solve the problem by reform, and the intervention of violence or foreign forces can be solved. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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