By 2025, Hebei 10,000 yuan GDP water consumption is 15% compared with 2020.

  Our provincial water security guarantee "14th Five-Year Plan proposes that by 2025 million GDP water consumption is more than 15% of the province by 15%, the total amount of water in the province is controlled within 20.6 billion cubic meters; the new soil loss control area of ??10,000 square kilometers I learned from the provincial government news office "Hebei Province Water Security" 14th Five-Year Plan "Press Conference," 14th Five-Year Plan "period, the water safety guarantee target task has been determined: by 2025 , The comprehensive promotion of high quality development, water conservancy infrastructure network is more complete, the water governance system and water governance ability is steadily improved, and the water safety guarantee capacity is significantly increased; the province’s million GDP water consumption is 15% compared with 2020, The new water and soil loss is 10,000 square kilometers.

  Planning is mainly identified from the four aspects of water supply, flood control, water ecology and water pipeline.

  Water safety guarantee is newly improved.

By 2025, the total amount of water in the province was controlled within 20.6 billion cubic meters. The total amount of water in millions of domestic production was 15% over 2020, and the main cross-city river water distribution was basically completed.

Pharained river inevolved yellow water and local surface water are fully utilized. The total water supply in the province has increased by about 2.3 billion cubic meters. The surface water supply ratio increased to 54%. The penetration rate of rural tap water reached more than 95%, multi-water sources jointly dispatched The water supply network system is further improved, urban and rural emergency water supply capacity is constantly enhanced.

  Flood control security has achieved new results. Accelerate the construction of flood control projects such as river embankment, key accumulation of flooding area, and dangerous reservoirs, implement the rivers and lake water system, and improve the level of flood resources. Water Ecological Security Realization New Breakthrough. The water ecological environment has been significantly improved, and the large funnel of North China is effective, and the water resources have been further enhanced. Press the groundwater ultraceeding of hundreds of millions of cubic meters, achieving the balance of groundwater, and the water level stopped recovery.

The key river lake water ecological function is gradually repaired. The basic ecological flow rate reached more than 90%, and the human soil loss is basically controlled, and the water and soil loss area is 10,000 square kilometers. The water supply capacity of water pipes reaches a new level. Water conservancy industry supervision capacity, water conservancy innovation development capacity, water conservancy technology support capacity is significantly increased, water conservancy information, modernization levels continue to increase, water resources management is more powerful, water conservancy project is basically formed, and the whole process full factor supervision system is more perfect. Planning around the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the "1760" key work tasks have been developed. That is, one network is built, and 7 major tasks are completed, and 60 key projects are built. "1 network", that is, the provincial backbone water network. Relying on the southern water and northern main line, the East Line and the Huang Yingjin stipulated, connected to the seven rivers such as Tanwei River, Zihe, Daqinghe, Yongding River, North River, Juanhe, Heilonggang River, strengthening interconnection , Construct "three vertical and seven horizontal, lake connectivity, accumulation, detachment, multi-source complement, Fengquia adjustment, cycle, ecological, good, formation, order, guarantee safety" provincial backbone.

  "7 major tasks": Deepen the water saving action of the whole society. Through severe management, strong mechanism, comprehensively implement water-saving priority requirements, implement water resources rigid constraints, speed up water, industrial and agriculture, etc., improve water-saving mechanisms, promote water resources, and save money change.

By 2025, more than 60% of the provinces (city, districts) reached the water-saving social evaluation criteria, including all counties (cities, districts) in the water district of the water district, and all the counties (cities, districts) have achieved water-saving social evaluation criteria. Improve the degree of water safety protection.

Through heavy-oriented, strong network, optimize water resources allocation, strive to create foreign water, local water and regenerative water "three water" coordination water distribution project network system, improve regional water resources carrying capacity, and improve urban and rural water supply guarantee rate.

  Enhance flood control security capacity.

Accelerate the flood control engineering system of "super-storage, middleish, lower row, hike", highlight key areas, key cities, key rivers, important accumulation of flood control projects in Hong Kong, and improve the defense ability and super Standard flood response capabilities. Improve the water ecological safety level. Through heavy protection, promote repair, promote the governance of mountainous and water and water, water conservation projects, continue to implement water and water conservation and water conservation projects, full pressure reduction of semaphropic super-consumption, strengthen key river lake comprehensive governance and repair, increase the river lake ecological hydration efforts, promote Water ecological environment continues to improve. Promote water conservancy information construction.

Integrate water-related data resources inside and outside the industry, establish a provincial water conservancy data resource pool. In terms of intelligent monitoring of river lake, establish a video surveillance system along the river lake, integrate with artificial patrol, remote sensing imaging, and realize the three-level information sharing of provincial and city counties.

  Deepen the innovation of water conservancy reform.

Increase reforms in water resource tax and water prices, water conservancy and financing mechanism reform, ecological hydrating long-term mechanism construction, engineering facilities maintenance and maintenance.

  Improvement of Water Governance Modernization.

Strengthen the construction of water conservancy and regulations, improve the level of water-related affairs supervision, strengthen the risk of risk hazards, and promote the innovation of scientific and technological talents, and constantly improve the level of water governance. "Building 60 major projects", including 15 water safety guarantee projects, 34 flood safety protection projects, 6 water-ecological security projects, 3 water conservancy information construction projects, 2 industry capacity construction projects.

(Reporter Zhao Hongmei).

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