Beijing Pinggu fruit tree experts go to Xinjiang to carry out peach tree planting training

People’s Network Beijing May 24th, May 18th to 22nd, Beijing Pinggu District Technical Team went to Luopu County, Hetian District, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and launched Taohua Management Technology Training, there were more than 100 land technicians. , Villagers and corporate representatives participated in the training.

Local in the northern foothold of Kunlun Mountain, Total area is more than 10,000 square kilometers.

Since 2018, Beijing Pinggu District has fully considered the use of the national famous peacha industrial advantages in Xinjiang’s unique light-hot resources, the advantage of the high-level light-hot resources, and determine the technical support, talent training, and test demonstration. The entry point, cultivate the peacha industry, promote the construction of agricultural modernization in Lop-county, and promote continuous income of farmers.

Under the strong support of the County Committee of the Lop County Committee and Beijing Aid Work, as of now, it has been in the Duu Tagmant Village, Lapu Town, and the construction of 600-mu Land Tao Demonstration Zone, introduced the No. 9, Qiu Wei, There are 50 excellent varieties of peach trees such as Wangchun and Green. In the Hangui Town, Luopu County, 90 greenhouses in Jiaxin Village, planting peach savings, and building a Greenhouse Greenhouse Production Demonstration Zone in Lobu County. The technical team grafted the local original Toyrabo tree, more than 80% of the survival rate, promoting the increase of 2 to 3 times the rosen by Locon’s original peacha, and significantly promoted the increase in fruit agricultural income. The technical team mainly surrounds the soil improvement of saline and summer peach trim, water fertilizer control, bag protection and other content on-site pulse and guidance. In the Toyi Garden, Cui Tonghua, Yu Yongqiang and other experts to view the longitude of the desert exclusive plant, such as rapeseed, which will be crushed into the soil and improve the peacha growth environment.

In the greenhouse shed, the technicians inquiry the newly promoted crowded cooked organic fertilizer and directional administration of organic fertilizers, and shed in the tree under the tree, and the improvement of organic matter.

In the face of the person in charge of the Dabao manufacturer and peach management personnel, Pinggu technical experts repeatedly explained that the summer fruit tree tribunal should comply with the long characteristics of the Rapo-regional time, to reasonably arrange the overall tree and scientific leaves, twigs, through To control the peach tree too fast.

In order to effectively respond to salt base problems, the technical staff can not take the means of high water roaming, and guide the planting personnel to take drip irrigation and mixture with acid fertilizers. Based on the development advantage of the peach industry, Pinggu District supports Beijing Economic Development Zone to support the development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to develop the Dabu Industrial Task.

Established technical training, introduction variety and promotion promotion.

The fourteenth division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is located in the eastern part of the Entrance area, the area of ??square kilometers, according to the water and soil conditions and market demand, the second or five groups adjust the structure of the plant, determine the grape, apple, peach, etc. The special forest fruit industry is the leading industry, planting peaches nearly 1,000 mu, the peach tree has entered the hanging fruit period, and the management of peach tree management has become the key to income. The Pinggu Technical Training Team immediately rushed to the 22nd Five-Year Group Baghgtruck Village and Raysu Village to carry out peach management technology training, and more than 100 villagers participated in the training.

The 30-year-old Gali Mary Sima Yi, the 30-year-old Gargatagrak Village, helped Dad to manage 2 acres of Taoyuan, after participating in technical training, remembering the trimming trees, there is a fist between two branches The distance can be, so it happens to ensure the light effect of the peach. The villagers bought it to send Jasuus to earnestly led the teacher’s compassion of the meeting, the attention of the Pinggu Fruit Experts, the attention of the peach tree, and he repeatedly understood "the overall tree head is large, which is conducive to peach tree growth and Peach tree results. Explain how to use fermentation technology in the field, how to make rusted organic fertilizers, how to apply organic fertilizer science to Taoyuan, and the villagers are very serious. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).

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