Attack force、Speed aspect,It has great improvements before Hanjiang left San Fu.。

Then it is a hindrance to the past,Have an additional bonus,All of the moving power has greatly enhanced。
Han Jiang is a practice for more than four hours,I have never been to the training room again to stop.。
“Squad leader,Is there an ultra-small collapsed reactor?,I want to use it to improve the sharpness and power of my Tang.。”Han Jiang went out of the training room asked。
The food that Fuhua has rushed much more than the morning.,Before leaving, you should prepare these things.。
“What do you want to do with things?,Still, you also know that metallurgy is created.?”
“Understand,But lack of reactor energy,So the quality of Tang knife has been improved。”Han Jiang brings his head。
“There is a place to create a weapon in Taiwi City,I will take you in the past。”Fuhua did not refuse Hanjiang requests。
Two people sit on the side of the equipment,Han Jiang looked at the Fuhua,I have thought about it for a long time.:“Squad leader,Are you hereaway?。”
The rays on the eyes of Fuhua,Line is like substantially staring at Hanjiang,“Where did you come from??”
“Holy marks space??”
Fuhua self-answering,Han Jiang said in her thoughts:“Yes,I listened to Icured in the holy marks space of Xiao Yun.,That is you.”
Fuhua frowning for a long time,She doesn’t have this memory at all.,But considering that Hanjiang is seen in Xiao Yun’s memory.,That should not be wrong。
“Have a batch”
“A batch?”
Although Han Jiang knows that there is a large number of support in the hands of Fuhua,But I heard that Yuhua said so.,Still can’t surprise yourself。
Reproductive entropy and life again,The core of the law“Tie”Unit。
In Fuhua here,The core of the law is actually pressed“Batch”Conclusion。
Particularity of supporting the law,There have been many numbers of gods。
When Hanjiang listened to the name,Only Xuanyuanjian,Odd,And Xiao Yun’s Sword,If water。
Have you listened to the name997Bundle,No matter the quantity,Or even the number read together,The representatives are very terrible。
Among them, the most powerful should be Xuanyuanjian,The rest may not know。
Han Jiang only touched the water in the holy markspace,But there is no more understanding,Do not understand the principle of the key。
Is it a thousand power??
Still there is a clear level division。
or,The most horrible weapon of the core creation of the assignment,Others have a little longer?
“Give me two fun?”Han Jiang’s trial。
Fu Hua went to Hanjiang,“The key to God is to deal with the most favorable weapon,How can I use to play?。”
Hanjiang white eyes look elsewhere,“Come again.,Don’t be so dead。”
Fuhua doesn’t know how to be such a Hanjiang,Why do you always feel that he is spoiled??
Fuhua swear,I have lived for so many years.,This strange feel is the first time,How do you treat such a boys??
“So say so。”Han Jiang suddenly positively,Look at Wanhua。
Say,He takes out the state village from the system warehouse,Take it in your hand。
“My collapse can have spatial properties,Can store several weapons slightly。”
Just now,Fuhua feels the fluctuations in the air in the air,I also found signs of Hanjiang’s use of cranes.。
so,This is not Han River in playing,Instead, it will control a certain amount of space.!

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