There was a burst of noise behind him,One shot and one hit in the midair that Li Tianzhen had crossed,Horrible energy surge,Then volleyed,The silver armor giant swinging the hammer below suddenly fell apart,It’s not all this overflowing energy,Actually, Li Tianzhu made a cut before‘Nine days’Already split the sledgehammer giant in half。

Li Tianzhen runs wildly along the ridge,Anyone who stands in the way,All in one fell swoop,Never used a leaf knife,‘Nine Demon Swing’The first four formulas are sharp enough,After being motivated by violent vitality,Even more powerful,There is no one under him。
So the three-eyed green toad has been squatting by the sea of vitality, watching the ebb and flow,Two big eyes up and down,Crazy waves lift the Optimus Prime,Flew into the sky at the top of Nantian Gate in an instant,Whenever this time,The sea level tends to drop by more than half in an instant,But the strange thing is,Immediately clouded over the colorful beam of light,Wind up storm,The sea level is rising rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye。
The tide of vital energy changes quickly,Three-eyed green toad,Everyone knows that the ball of light at Li Tianzhi’s dantian is burning like a small boiler,Yuanqi torrents continue to rush out,Blast into the gods through the meridians opened up by Li Tianzhi himself,The efficiency is so high that even ordinary gods and monsters sigh。
All the way from the ridge to the top,I don’t know how many silver armor giants died under Li Tianzhen’s knife,According to Qilin Beast’s guess,These giants are the eyes and ears of evildoers,And infused with a trace of the evil spirits,Every time you kill one, it will damage the evildoer,Kill more,The greater the damage。
So Li Tianzhen’s more killer, the more ruthless,The more murderous the harder the heart,The initial discomfort of killing the giant silver armor has long been thrown out of the clouds,Although in this weird and fucking Dala mountain、There is likely to be a temple warrior similar to Jiachou,The evildoer’s transformation and the creation of such appearances are obviously to disturb his mind,But is the power of the temple warrior comparable to these eyes and ears??
Straight down from the top of the first mountain,Li Tianzheng jumped,Overcoming obstacles,Soon rushed to another hill,The next peak is the main peak of Mount Dala,It is also where the ancient temple collapsed,The manic sea of vitality is still boiling,The terrible fighting spirit in my chest is still rising,The opponent encountered is too weak,He has an anger that is hard to vent,Decided to kill the main peak directly。
But just after Li Tianzhen rushed down the hillside, he saw someone,Stand quietly in front,The whole body is covered by a wide gray robe,Even the head is wrapped in it,Unable to distinguish his face,Like the ascetics in the mountains of South Asia,Or a pilgrim on foot that is common in remote mountains,Vicissitudes of life,But the heart is like a rock。
This person’s aura is too strong,Although standing there lacks visual presence,But in the mind, it gives people a strong oppression,Li Tianzhen stopped involuntarily,Before running,Divine Sense has already collided with this person far away,Intuitively judge that this person’s supernatural power is not inferior to Zhang Huagen,Can even be uglier than shoulder armor。
“who are you?”For magicians,Li Tianzhen wanted to give him as much respect as possible,But soon smelled a smell,Although the other party’s cover up is excellent,But it’s hard to escape Li Tianti’s extremely sensitive sense of smell and perception,Kill all the way,Encounter various‘Ears and eyes’,But without exception, there is a lingering stench,Better than that carrion,Make him aware of these‘Ears and eyes’Not a real creature,Toad had interrupted and told him,This is a very evil creation with supernatural powers,Hurt days and。
“What to guard?For whom?”
“Guard my lord,Great creator god。”The voice of the gray-robed man suddenly became very sweet,As melodious as singing a hymn,There is an irresistible temptation。
“Creator god?Is it the evil animal hiding in this deep mountain??”
“Blasphemy!Your blasphemy in hysteria!”The gray-robed man was furious at hearing this,Stunned immediately,“Blasphemy against the great creator god,You will be punished most severely。”
“Do you praise it like you,Will be saved?”Li Tianzhen laughed dumbly。
“Praise God,All believers will be saved。”The gray-robed man made a chanting voice again,Suddenly his voice and tone changed,Become extremely angry again,“But you won’t!Your hands are covered with the blood of a god servant,Must go to hell!”
“God servant?!”Li Tianzhen raised his head and laughed,A bunch of evil walking corpses controlled by evildoers,His laughter resounded through the mountains,Swing further away in circles,Then it caused a boom in the mountains,He is demonstrating to the old monster hidden in the mountains。
“Don’t talk to this thing,He is trying to irritate you,I want to invade your soul again with mental power。”The voice of the toad in the consciousness,It seems to replace the unicorn beast on duty,But also conscientious,There are two guys here,But don’t have fun。
“Nothing,Let you see what a god servant is!”Li Tianzhen suddenly stomped,‘God’s Footprints’Step down,The earth shakes,Although the strength is controlled,It also makes the surrounding area tremble endlessly,Landslide,Close‘Ears and eyes’It was even shocked to death on the spot,Guardian retreats several steps,Shocked and angry,Although this magical power can’t hurt it,But too suddenly,And slaughtered thousands in front of it‘Ears and eyes’,Even if it killed Li Tianzhi on the spot, it couldn’t deal with the creation god,Rushed up with a roar immediately。

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