“Total car price5%,That is490USD。”

“490USD……Really expensive,When can i get the car?”
“We need three days here,But you need to provide the corresponding information to the bank’s loan reviewer,After the review is passed, we can officially conduct the transaction……Mr. White, you are here?Mr. Gonzalez,Let me introduce to you,This is Mr. White,Bank credit officer。”
White looks at Gonzalez,It can be seen through his clothes,His financial situation should be good,Said with a smile on his face:“Mr. Gonzalez,Hello,I’m Joshua, Specialist of Credit Department, United Community Bank,Thank you very much for choosing to cooperate with us,Next, I will conduct a preliminary review of your loan qualification……”
The results of the preliminary audit are quite satisfactory,Gonzalez is a department head of a company,Annual salary16000Multi dollar,Economic situation is very good,As for personal credit,Although you need to go back and check again,But the problem shouldn’t be big,In general,The probability of the bank approving the loan is over 80%。
Tell Gonzalez to go back and wait for his call,The audit result will be notified to him by phone within three days,Gonzalez just left,White can’t help it anymore,Ask Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,how did you do it?”
In White’s opinion this is a bit magical,I just left,Fernandez made a business,A lucky one is like being favored by God。
Chen Geng is rather humble:“Nothing,Maybe it’s my luck?”
“This has nothing to do with luck,”I didn’t wait for Chen Geng to speak,Joshua walked in after washing the car:“because of U.SbossHave the ability that others don’t。”
“What ability?”
Joshua is proud:“No matter what the problem is with the car,only U.SbossGlance over,There is nothing he can’t find,Otherwise why do we dare to give such a promise?”
committed to?
White then remembered the big brand he had just ordered when he first walked in,Could it be said that this is true?If your compatriots really have such great ability……
If his fellow compatriots really have such great ability,Able to drive the car around and discover the problem,With promises that other used car sales companies are absolutely impossible to give,It’s definitely not a problem for him to sell four or five cars a day,After a while, the credibility and popularity have been established,Maybe a dozen or twenty cars a day will be easyeasy,He made a lot of money,And myself,Seems to have dug an incredible gold mine accidentally!
Just when White was secretly happy,Miss Rachel walked in with a man,Happy way:“boss,This Mr. Anderson took a fancy to our Oldsmobilecutlass,If we can write what we promised into the contract,He hopes to pick up the car as soon as possible……”
The big red Oldsmobilecutlass?

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