“Less comforting,I know it must be bad to run into that,The sense of speed that I lost control and crashed past,very horrible!”Xiao Xiao knows,At the end:“Still not mentioning this。”

“Yes,Why don’t you think about how to comfort your frightened self?。”
“I’ll talk about it later。”Xiao Xiao suddenly changed the subject,ask him:“I want to ask you before I have something,But I don’t think it’s suitable。Before i go out to play,Abao called me many times,I often talk about you in the topic,Ask some presumptuous questions。this matter,do you know?”
“……I do not know。”Chen Wenjin thought about it,Probably got it,Just say:“I personally think,A Bao’s intention should be to better understand you,So take me as a topic to talk to you。”
“Oh……I understand!”Xiao Xiao nodded,Took a long breath and said:“Fortunately, I didn’t tell him anything,I really don’t like talking to him,He likes to spy on other people’s family privacy,Growth privacy,Things like property privacy,Makes me feel rude。But not sure if his call came from your instruction,Plus he has a good relationship with you,So no rejection。after,I think I must refuse。”
“understood。This is his own fault,I have no reason to interfere。”Chen Wenjin served Abao,He thought that chatting with Xiao Xiao on the phone,That’s how we talked?
“There are a lot of calls like this,A little overwhelmed,So I have been reluctant to reveal my home phone number casually,I don’t know where Abao knew it from。Maybe Amei and Wang Shuai can’t say。”Of course Xiao Xiao would mind this,Said again:“I can ask you to talk to Abao,Please stop telling others the number??”
“can。”Chen Wenjin was thinking about Amei and Wang Shuai for no reason.,So I said:“I will also ask where he got his number。”
Chen Wenjin actually knows,But I have to tell Abao,To reveal it to Xiao Xiao,The premise of course also requires her not to tell Wang Shuai。
“Thank you。”Xiao Xiao drove into Qinghe,All the way to the shop where the car was modified。
Wang Shuai is really there,I saw Xiao Xiao didn’t go home,He was surprised,ask her:“never mind?Or the car you drove?”
“Xiao Xiao’s bravery impressed me。”Chen Wenjin is so sure,Wang Shuai also said with a thumbs up:“That’s beautiful and kind,So strong and brave,It’s so unique!”
Xiao Xiao smiled,Ask about car maintenance,Wang Shuai said:“Little things,Not worth mentioning。”
“How about this,Wang Shuai, sell me your car。”Xiao Xiao suddenly suggested that,Of course Wang Shuai wouldn’t agree,said laughingly:“Why do you care about this little thing??As for buying the accident car?”
“Really,I want to buy that car。Not just feel my responsibility,Shouldn’t hurt you,More because,I think this car is lucky。Encounter that kind of thing,Still saved,Experienced the feeling of not being dead,I want to take this matter positively。”Xiao Xiao’s unusual thoughts,Not only didn’t regard that car as an ominous car,I think it’s a lucky car,This is really surprising……
“Since you said that,The car will give you off!You just consider lucky,I consider it unknown,Your honey and my arsenic。Don’t mention the money,I feel that this car is for me,Unknown luck hasn’t left yet。”Wang Shuai said all things,Whatever you can say without receiving money is that others have helped him a lot。
“Wang Shuai,What about this,I don’t want to disturb my parents,Just be a thing between friends,and so,Don’t shirk,As much as it should be。”Xiao Xiao’s words are euphemistic,But Wang Shuai understands。
I can’t let my parents know about this,It means that Wang Shuai can’t tell his father,Then,He gave the car to Xiao Xiao,Has no practical meaning。
“Row!You said so,Picture a refreshment between friends。You know the condition of this car,You know how much it was originally worth。Count you two hundred and fifty thousand,You can bargain but don’t increase the price,Since i said,That’s appropriate。”Wang Shuai gave a price simply。

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