The relationship between people and nature coexistence, penetrate in their lives

  Luo Pinggui flower bloom.

  A small flower of a white petal, yellow flower, high frequency appeared in the Fifteenth Conference of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (hereinafter referred to as "COP15").

  On October 11, the COP1 was kicked off in the "sea dispensing chamber" of 32 Yi people. Then not carved, natural and clear, free, wearing a clear voice of Yuntian, like a mountain wind, blowing into people’s hearts, letting the world know that the sea of ??Caiyun and the beauty of the sea flower. The sea is only clean, the water quality is very high, and the water quality is extremely high, which is a unique plant.

In July 1984, it was included in China’s "Rare and Endangered Protection Plant Directory". In Yunnan Shipan County is Dragon Lake, Ningxian County Wuhu, Dali Bohai, has grown this kind of root stem green and elongated, and the head white flower has a faint and fragrant aquatic plant, and the local people use it as an ecological vegetables.

  "Do not learn duckweed to drift over the sea, learn seafood and deep". Living in Shiping County, Yunnan Honghe Hani Dai Autonomous Prefecture, once played fish or picking sea cuisine in the illegal lake, singing with paddle. The sea dish cavity was sang for hundreds of years, and the long melody was as elongated as the sea, soft. Stretching, circulating, can be sang with ancient gods and can also spread to the future. On October 11, the magnificent Hani terraces also appeared on the big screen of the COP15 opening. Yunnan University of Art, the Hani University students, represent the Yunnan youth, telling the world to the rice cultural culture of Hani terraces.

  In Yuanyang, from the mountain foot to more than 2,000 meters of mountain, it stretches 190,000 mu of terraces. For more than 1300 years, the Hani people have created a miracle of "How high is the mountain, how high the water is high, and the field is high".

In June 2013, Yuanyang Hani Terrace is included in the UNESCO "World Heritage List", which is the world’s own heritage named after national name. The circular ecosystem of forest, village, terraces, and water system "tetra-group", avoiding soil erosion in the mountainous area, cultivating more than 100 different rice varieties, becoming a rice gene led.

The mushroom room of the Hani generation life surrounded terraces, 桫椤, Dongdia, Fujizhu, Dragon Eye and key protection plants, lazy monkeys, wearing mountains, owls, etc., survived around terraces. "Taking nature, nature." In the eyes of the Kunming Botanical Research Institute in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the old people, the forest and mountains "are not just the concept of the gods," also the concept of environmental protection "," people coexist with nature Relationship, penetrate in their lives. "Yan Shengji once established China’s first tropical plant research base in Xishuangbanna in Xishuangbanna – China Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden.

Yan Sheng found 20 years of time, with the Yi people in Xishuangbanna.

He saw that the Yi people regarded forests as "the god of villages."

"There is a water, there is water, there is water, there is Tian Tian, ??there is a grain, there is food."

  Jinghong City, Danghan Town, Manyuan Village. In the mountains of the villagers, there are more than 120 kinds of rare and endangered plants such as Wangtian Tree, Drow poisonous Wood, Longgui and Xiangliuzhu, and 10 wild mango trees.

These folk ecological wisdoms provide experience in the protection of rainforest plants, breeding and pharmaceutical research in contemporary researchers. In the northwest of Yunnan Province, Yangfuquan, a researcher in Yunnan Social Sciences, found that biodiversity has contributed to the diversity of national cultures, and the rural rules accumulated in traditional knowledge, and ecological wisdom has promoted ecological protection and resources. Sustainable utilization. Walking in the mountains where the clouds in Libertyo, Liberty, Lijiang, Yangfuquan is the scene he has never thought of: a green forest, and there is no.

  "The country implemented natural forest protection and returning farm policies in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and the deforestation was controlled, but the two sides of the Yangtze River should return to the original forest, and it takes decades and even hundreds of years.

Yang Fuquan said: "The forest coverage rate of Liberts Township has reached 79% and most of the original forest, of which there are thousands of national first-class protected plants.

"The red bean is high in medicinal value, and he was madly stealing in the northwestern of Yunnan, but in the extremely difficult Raiburixion, not only the red beaten, but also registered.

  Every year in June, Lijiang Laojun Mountain in the hinterland of "Sanjiang Conghua", the mountains and purple, white, pink rhododendron, surrounded by the clear ninety-nine dragon pool, people are amazed "The world of the world is blessing".

  For this beautiful scenery, it is a Jiuhe Township in Yulong County. In 2009, under the support of the Beijing San Sheng Environmental and Development Research Institute, the Jiuhe Township Government implemented a project called "Sany Life". The project has established a community-oriented natural protected land, which develops all the villagers signed through the Fengshan protection regulations, strictly prohibiting cutting trees, excavating wild medicinal materials, hunting wild animals, reclaiming land, etc .; at the same time, establish village banks, set up village mutual assistance Fund, support villagers in funds, let villagers learn to wealth management, learn to self-management, self-supervision, and improve survivities. If there is a behavior that destroys the forest, it will limit the borrowing of the village bank, and even no longer enjoy the foreign aid project, and a fine of more than 200 yuan. In the view of Guo Jincheng, the researcher of the Yunnan Provincial Social Sciences, "the villagers are part of the mountains. It is part of the forest. It is the owner and protector of resources. No villagers’ cooperation, foreign people even a tree, a bird also protects Guo Jinc collects an album, the lion, sheep, golden monkey, tiger, rabbit, etc., etc., is painted by the villagers of Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Although the villagers complained that animals such as bear, red deer, monkeys, rabbits have brought them trouble, hoping to get compensation, but their evaluation of animals, more respect and aesthetics. For example, they put the lions that don’t exist on the snow in all animals. "The lion is the symbol of the snow mountain, without it, there is no glacier"; "There is no gourd and tiger"; monkeys eat the valley, pull Wheat, but it "is a human avatar"; the rabbit eats green seedlings, but "walking well in the forest". "The beauty of animals, is exhausted by them." Guo Ji said that the hill belief has played a decisive impact on the villagers’ animal concepts, and their understanding of the environment, mountains, and earth is interrelated to each other. Environment and sentient beings in gestation are mutually dependent, like mother and child.

  "When I saw Snow Mountain, I had a touch of the word at home.

Guo Jing said.

  In the 10 years, Guo Jinca’s Kavabo (outside the outer man named Merry Snow Mountain) in Deqin County – Reporter Note) During the four years, it has written more than 500,000 words in the "Snow Mountain Book" in 4 years. History and investigation notes, presenting the use of Shenshan culture in Kawagbo area, the useful role of folk traditional culture in nature protection.

  "The base point discussed in this book is that we doing environmental protection actually need to be based on local people, you need to understand how they look at the environment, not just what we look at the environment.

"In Guo Ji," Dashan is not only their clothes, food and eating parents, but also the object of thinking and life. "" Only with the locals, I really understand what is ecological civilization and landscape culture. They are active in front of you.

"Guo Jing said. (Zhong Youth Daily, Zhongqing Net reporter Zhang Wen Ling Wen) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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