Every day, you must do self detoxification to reduce toxins in the body.

Every day, you must do self detoxification to reduce toxins in the body.

People are obese, sick, aging, and dead, all related to toxins.

  The human toxin comes from three aspects: one is from external factors, such as viruses, bacteria, radiation, electromagnetic wave air pollution, water pollution.

Food contamination (this includes food, vegetables, melons, etc.).

Second, the toxins produced inside the human body, the human body will produce toxins in the metabolism process, such as toxin ammonia, hydrogen sulfide _, nitrosamines, skatole and so on.

Third, the toxins produced by the interaction of internal and external factors, adverse external environmental influences, interfere with the normal function of the physiology, cause nervous system disorders and endocrine disorders, and produce toxins in the body.

  Toxins invade the human body, people must learn to detoxify themselves, and detoxification should be like washing their face every day and cleaning.


Breathe fresh air every morning in the morning, and remove the sputum from the lungs to do a “cleaning” of the lungs.


Develop the habit of defecation, and let the residue of the diet be excreted.

Constipation manure feces stay in the large intestine for too long and produce toxins, which are prone to bowel cancer.


Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from the urine.

Drink a cup of boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning, replace the blood, and let the toxins out in the blood, at the same time, to prevent cerebral thrombosis in the elderly.

Older fires should drink plenty of water when they are not thirsty because of poor physiological response.


Insist on sports, sweat during exercise, and let the toxins out of sweat.


Eat more detox foods such as cabbage, spinach, leeks, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, hawthorn, soybeans, garlic, kelp, mung beans, etc.

  Everyone must learn to detoxify themselves and reduce the retention of toxins in the body, thus reducing the disease.

To improve the health level and achieve the purpose of prolonging life.

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