Liu Xing can only nod and agree,After all, he is not

Agree with this plan。Rising from an underground power, even if you really become a godfather, it doesn’t matter much.。the most important is,This originally runs counter to the official。Although it is the easiest and fastest way to gain influence in this way。
But wanting to get the title because of it is like a foolish dream。But since Qin Feng said this is just a start,Then he can only choose to believe。
After all, on Liu Xing’s side,He has no better way。
Robben was shocked to see a mess when he arrived here。
“Mr. Qin Feng,You two really knocked down this area?but,This belongs to nine different community forces,Once they are held accountable,We will be embarrassed on all sides!”Robben looked sad。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Five The Black Hand
As Liu Che guessed,There is no movement from other forces for the time being。It’s just that the group of people who were brought down were not finally subdued by Qin Feng。
It is actually that Robben has received dozens of new boys in three days。
Qin Feng naturally felt that there were eyeliners inserted in these newly-acquired little brothers。But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, they will bring down all the forces they belong to,It’s too late for these people to jump back。
Three days later,Robben suddenly received a notice。
In these three days,Robben was scared。no way,Because he also has some styles,Although the last time I got into trouble with their big brother because of the Knicks。But at most it is the kind of no longer contacting,And their eldest brother knew that he broke the younger brother’s heart,If you are forced to continue, you will definitely turn your heads into enemies。
So for a long time,Robben is in a state of being stocked。
But now it’s different,His elder brother also saw the opportunity,His eldest brother was also a little jealous when he knew that Robben was recruiting troops and buying the entire red light district.。

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