NBA official announced that Wiggins won the best rookie one achievement history 5_1

NBA official announced that Wiggins won the best rookie one achievement history fifth
Wiggins officially won the best rookie champion and won the strong election. The NBA officially announced the 2014-15 season best rookie award winner, and Andrew Wiggins was elected without suspense.Of the 130 votes, Wiggins received 110 first votes, with a total bloom of 604 points. The Bulls’ Mirotic and the 76ers’ Noel ranked second and third in the selection. The Lakers controlled Clarkson.No. 7.  The news of Wiggins’ best and best rookies has been widely reported by the media yesterday, and on Thursday local time, the NBA officially announced this result.In the vote for the best rookie, Wiggins surrounded an overwhelming advantage, with a total of 130 votes, he won 110 first votes (5 points each) and 17 second votes (3 points)) And 3 third ballots (point value 1 point), the total raised reached 604 points.  The closest to Wiggins is Bull rookie Mirotic, who also played only 335 points, including 14 first votes, 81 second votes and 22 third votes.Noel ranked third, he received 3 first votes, 22 second votes and 60 third votes, with a total score of 141 points.In addition, Magic Payton, Celtics Smart, Nuggets Nuckic and Lakers Clarkson also received votes.  Wiggins has earned the honor of being the best rookie.In the 2014-15 season, Wiggins played 82 games, and all started, the total playing time after the Rockets Harden, ranking second in the league.In the regular season, Wiggins averaged 16 points per game.9 points and 4.With six rebounds, he is also the fifth player in NBA history to average more than 16 points per game at the age of 19 or younger. The other four players are James, Durant, Anthony and Irving.  What is more exciting is that Wiggins’ trend this season is gradually getting better.Since January 1, Wiggins has averaged 19 per game.One point, the last 13 games of the season, he averaged 23 points per game.3 points and 3.5 assists, get 10 free throw opportunities per game.And in the last month, Wiggins made consecutive dunks on the heads of Asik and Gobert, further enhancing his popularity.  Wiggins was selected as the No. 1 pick by the Cavaliers in 2014, and later became the team’s main bargaining chip for the Carrefour in the trade, joining the Timberwolves.In just one season, Wiggins conquered the Timberwolves and became the cornerstone of the team’s future.

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