Eating spicy street foods should be sterilized with garlic

Eating spicy street foods should be sterilized with garlic

Some people think that Mala Tang is an unhealthy food, perhaps more because of its humble origin, low price, and concerns about its safety characteristics.

First of all, if you can control food safety and make a reasonable mix, Mala Tang can be said to be a very good fast food, which is much healthier than fried foods and environmentally friendly.

  First of all, Beijing’s Mala Tang is not spicy, if you do not require more peppers.

I like to put sesame sauce here, it is a very healthy seasoning, instead of calcium and vitamin E.

Garlic juice is often added and has a bactericidal effect.

  In essence, there are usually a variety of green leafy vegetables and soy products, algae and other algae, mushrooms and other fungi, potatoes, fish, and eggs . but below, plant-based ingredientsVarieties dominate.

As long as it is properly matched, it can more easily achieve the acid-base balance requirement than ordinary fast food, and it also meets the principle of food similarity.

  Third, the heating temperature of Mala Tang is not high, and it will not cause oil fume and slight high temperature oxidation problems.

Cooking and cooking at high temperatures has less pollution to the air environment.

  Fourth, in the process of amaranth, some oxalic acid, nitrite and pesticides in vegetables can be removed. Although some vitamin C is lost, anti-nutritional factors and toxic substances are also reduced.

As long as you pay attention to changing amaranth water regularly, adding less salt during the amaranth process is a very good way of cooking.

  Finally, the spicy seasoning can be healthy and low in fat.

Amaranth does not put oil, when mixing, you can also reduce the amount of oil in accordance with customer requirements. In general, the raw material contains less aunt, and the conversion is relatively low.

In general, when cooking, they often go through three refueling processes of oil, cooking, and linseed oil, and customers cannot choose to replace the amount of oil.

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