“Um,coming!But she will not come to see us.,Xiao Jiu arranges an important task to them.。”Xu Baichuan has seen Fu Ying Snow photo,Zheng Yao is impossible to let them meet。

“This time I can escape this robbery.,It is Xiao Nine to save us Shanghai Station.。”Xu Baichuan feels,
“The plan has not been successful,Don’t thank you so early first.,I hope everything is the same as Xiaojiu forecast.。”Zheng Yao is thinking worst, how to deal with。
“Old six,Is there any variable??”
“probably not,I have considered it with Xiaojiu.,Also investigated,This action should have no problem,However, after the http://www.haipiba.cn action, the devil will definitely search.,So you need to take your brothers to hide,I can’t return to Shanghai for a while.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“I know this,Xiao Jiu is not let us go to Dingshan Lake for a few days?,I really can’t bring my brothers to the old nine daughter-in-law.,The summer is back in the summer.。”
Zheng Yao is really afraid that he does this.,Hurry up:“Four brothers,I advise you still to add a chaos with the old nine daughter-in-law.!”
“Ha ha,I just say this.,I heard that I heard that the old nine daughter-in-law is very powerful.,But I have never seen it.。I heard that it is still a big beauty.,The old six have seen it.?”
“See,It is indeed a big beauty,How can Xiao Nine daughter-in-law?。”
“Xiaojiu is really a ghost,Talk about it!”Wu Tianbao said,
“Old seven,Don’t blame small nine,If you know what he has experienced now?,You will feel distressed!”Zheng Yao first remembered the harvest of the drug to change the bone appearance, and the eyes were red.,
“Six brother,What is Xiao Nine??”Wu Tianbao asked,
“He is now estimated that it has been returned to the devil dispatch commander as a Japanese.!”
“Trough!Xiaojiu actually lurked to the devil command.!”Wu Tianbao is also a special agent,But this doesn’t want to think about it.,
“so,The role of Xiaoxin is what we can’t compare.!Don’t blame him for ghosts.,He can also cost it very much this time.!”
Wu Tianbao sighed:“Do you like him without boss?!”
Rui Rui returned to Nanjing immediately went to see the Sai Sail,Anxious:“commander,I predict what major events may happen in Shanghai in these days.,I have ordered it to let the special action team come back.,I will take them to Shanghai immediately.。”
“whats the matter?”
“I get a message,The murderous action group left Huangshan, it is likely to have sneaked into Shanghai.,I have been to Shanghai before,I heard that our secret letter has killed the militant killer.,I also grab a important file,I want to kill the god action group should be rushing on this Shanghai.。”
“Three tails, you have more,I know this thing.,Matsumoto Wild Troir just reported to me,This is their tempering plan,If the killing action group also went to Shanghai,That is really great.,You stay here and so good news.,Once the Matsita will eliminate the killing action group,You immediately took the army into the mountains to clear the gods!When they arrive, they will definitely defeat.,Three-tailed,This is a great opportunity you are working.!Don’t let me down!”
“commander!However, I have a lot of loopholes in this plan.……”
“Three-tailed,I just heard this plan and the same feelings like you.,But now the other party is already,Besides, Shanghai is our world,Don’t worry too much。”
NS710chapter Anti-ambushed Kumamoto
According to the previous information,The Black Rose Motion Group already knows the so-called large-scale anti-weapon storage location,Li Zihan took another three girls to investigate,And their one fell in the eyes of Kumamoto。
Kumamoto has seen victory,He said with a smile:“It seems that they will take action soon.!This time I don’t take you a net.!”
“Class long,Everything is ready,Just waiting for them.!”
“very good!We will definitely be famous today.,Because the killing action group is also there!I have to see if this is ruthless and there is any ability to escape.!”Kumamoto is also just toned to Shanghai Intelligence Class.,It is very uncomfortable to this kill.,I feel that my own myth is myth.。
Now eliminating the killing god and his trunk is all devils.,Because it is eliminated, they will definitely be promoted.,Kumamoto’s hand is also full of confidence.:“As long as they come, they must die.!”
Kumamoto has waited for a day.,By the next night,Still left, etc.,Right, etc.,This makes him start hair.,Looking at the watch strange:“Shouldn’t!Why are they so deep?。”
“They like to act at night,Bummy’s class leader should not worry!They will come!”
Midnight,Kumamoto finally saw a shadow of people in the distance,Looking at the moonlight is still a lot,Suddenly said:“finally come!Prepare!”
In order to prevent accidental injury and loss,Matsumoto Matsumido puts the so-called large-scale anti-weapons in a warehouse outside the suburbs of Shanghai,Here, Kumamoto has ambush with more than 50 national devils and the gendarmerie.。
Because the devils will not exceed 200 people from the actors of the Shanghai Jun Station,This is already very dependent on Shanghai Station.,In addition, they don’t dare to have ambush too many people.,It is easy to expose where you are。
Kumamoto will enter the warehouse range.,The ambush war starts immediately,Just when the devils are all ready to shoot,Suddenly three lighting bombs from killing three directions behind them to half the air,Under lighting,Hundreds of devils all exposed,And suddenly sounded behind them。
“Contusion!They found us!”Kumamoto is shocked,
“Class long!We have surrounded!”
“Counterattack!In place!”
The armed forces in the http://www.minxingshiye.cn night is not a fight,Open fire in place,Xiong Ben Hao is now in the past, also put it in battle.,But they don’t enter ambush circle.,Instead, Kumamoto gradually pushed into the warehouse.。
“Class long,We need to support!”

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