Take noted,The body of the figure is a little bit a little bit.,Seeing your body is a male,A black long windbreaker,On the face,But with a white eagle mask。

“This thing is taken off.!”Golden girl is dissatisfied with white eagle mask on the face,“Nothing else is nothing else here.……”
Mage helpless smile,Subsequently, the mask on the face。
Mask,A few young handsome faces are brought to a honesty,The original one I don’t know when I have already cut it off.,It turned into a refreshing,Teenagers are not others,It is Qing Palace。
Distance last event,It’s more than two years.,According to the year,The Qing Palace is already sixteen years old.。
Compared to two years ago,Today’s Qing Palace completely faded in the childish appearance,It looks a lot of mature,Both eyes are more deep,The constant is the light gold color in the eyes.。Clear off the mask,It is completely beautiful young teenager,Watching Flanda can’t help but throw throat water。
“1eaderYour face…”Franida sighs,“I really make me stress.。”
“go away。”Qing Dynasty,“Let’s a man and a woman,What pressure do you have?!Collapse your strangery!”
Franda smiled,No longer talk。
“Still don’t want it.。”Earthly,Two people sounded a laughing feminine voice in the ear,“Freeliya is only ten years old,even if1eve1 4,It is not necessarily to solve everything smoothly.,Do you have a little more than you?。”
“dessert?What some dessert?”Flangda will gain,At this time, I didn’t know a sentence.。
On the other side, the soft girl can’t help but smile.。
“You know the dessert!”The Qing Dynasty is good and funny.,“Kaya,How is the monitoring situation??”
“Everything is in the mastery。”Somewhere in the tenth part,A leisurely leaning on the armchair,Light laugh and answer。
The area of the basement is abnormal,Big large http://www.nameles.cn piece of brilliant light screen is suspended on the wall,On the floor of the alloy,Countless fine machinery is not sounded on the workbench.,Next to the computer before the light screen,Just sitting a soft shadow。
Girl looks up to 18 years old,One head is still black in the length of the scapula,Long Liu Hai straps into the back。Abnormal figure,The very exciting man can’t help but stand,Sailor uniform wearing a long dress,It seems that it is like a school uniform.。It is Yunchukue Yama。
More than two years,o1etAlso thoroughly by the first group of small white,It turned into a famous existence in the dark organization in the urban city.。All dark organizations know,This name“Owl”In tissue,There is a dead but dead twin sister flower,Wonderful female military division,Deep people fearful psychologists,But these are not the http://www.kabmaster.cn most important,Most people care。Yeso1etMysterious1eader,That example seems to wear white-hawk,Body with a faint chilly black dress,During the process of playing various parties,That shudible ice cold,Always tremble with his hostile organization。Good,This claim“Not killing”Leadingo1etThe general selection task will not contain killing behavior,This also allows the school’s municipal parties forces to be more curious about this alighe that appears in the hobbed darkroom.。
In order to hide yourself,Qing Palace can be described as pain,I am in the urban city.8name1eve1 5one,Although not participating in other seven people rankings,But if you accidentally,It is also very easy to have a flaw.。It’s your own ability.“Heat control”,The impact is also heat-sensing and low temperature system.,therefore,He is very small to use the ability to use thermal energy when performing tasks.,Generally, it is mainly based on low temperature.,And as a Qing Palace to Summer Identity,It is the ability to use thermal energy systems.。This although there is a flaw,But at least a lot。As for this face,The Qing Palace is not very intentionally,Just cover it with the white eagle mask.,Even if the person who is the same as the dark department doesn’t matter,So many people in the urban city,As long as you don’t bother your life,Qing Palace will not be too concerned。Because of the dark part,It is not very expensive to see people.。And people you know yourself,Most of the majority don’t know the so-called“Dark part”The presence。to be honest,Qing Palace is not right“Heat control”What is confidence in the dark?,after all1eve1 5So many,Suddenly, I can’t say it.。As long as your own dark part is not seen in the people in the usual life,The Qing Palace is very satisfied.。
In his opinion,The identity of the dark department is just that he occasionally taking into account.,True most of the time,I still prefer to stand in the sun.。
“Say,Connect this task,It should also be a stage of resting.?”Qing Tai lazy is lazy to the headphones,“I have not had a rest for nearly half a year.。”
“how,1eaderDo you feel tired??”Yunchukui asked a little bit。
“No matter how,‘student’Or is my main job?。”A helpless bocarduary,“The work of the dark department is nothing to do part-time,do you think so,School sister?”
Yunchuki Ya laughed。
The second volume officially started,Next, it is not far from the beginning.。As for the problem of this book,This book friend doesn’t have to worry,It will not be charged for a while.,Estimate the time of charge,Maybe it’s a few rolls.(laugh)
(This chapter is over)
NS42chapter student
“is there any problem?”I heard the laughter of Yunchukia,Qing Palace picks up eyebrows,“Say,This task seems to be too simple.,Someone will hand over this task to the dark??”
“After all, those guys are not strong.,I also have1eve1 3Strong powerful。”Yunchukui said faintly,“and,Those people in the hands of those people,But open the batch of violation of arms‘key’Woolen cloth。But the object of the transaction is over the urban city.。”
“Well,I am not interested in those things.。”The Qing Palace has yawned,“As long as the rewards that can get this task are enough。”
at this time,Freelia has also got the things that I want to take it from the man who fell.,Followed by a flash,It disappeared from the ground,next moment,Directly appeared around the Qing Palace,A arm of the Qing Palace,Sweet smile。
“How about it?”The Freeliya face is like a child who shows off the merits.“key”Wave,“This is the task of Fremeya.!”
“Yes,Yes,Freelia is the best!”The Qing Dynasty smiled and turned Fuffmeia to turn down the circle.,Freelia cheers,Then I felt into my sister’s arms.,Flanda is first,Subsequently laughed,However, the blue scorpion is flashing with a touch of brilliance.。

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