“What’s matter?”Yun Feng asked a little curiously,She knows her daughter very well,It is generally impossible to call home。

According to Jiang Yunyun,That is already that big,What are you doing back to the phone??
This time it was offered,This matter is a bit subtle。
“mom,Something almost happened when I was shooting today,But I was saved by a man。”
But after I was rescued by that man,I invited him to dinner,But he rejected me outright,Don’t take a look at me,What kind of situation do you think this is??
Yunyun also tells things directly,Because it’s easy for two people,That’s what kind of things can be said。
Yunfeng said with some worry:“Are you okay??”
“I do not have it,When I just fell down,That man just saved me,There may also be videos online,Just take a look for yourself,But I have nothing to do。”
This time it scared me,I won’t continue to toss like this next time。
Jiang Yunyun is also very afraid,People who haven’t experienced,That would not understand what such a fear is like。
Yun Feng said seriously:“I want to tell you this too,What do you say you are going to act,I am not against you either。”
But if you do something unsafe,Then you will come back to me obediently,I will arrange a blind date for you。
Jiang Yunyun is also a bit speechless,How could this happen to be like this??
But many things can be understood,Anyway, everyone is very clear,What kind of situation might this matter evolve into。
Thought of here,Jiang Yunyun also said sadly:“I know this,And I just want to ask,Why would that guy just ignore me??”
This thing really shouldn’t,I always want to thank him。
“All right,Please explain things to me a little bit,And that man’s family and everything are explained to me。”
Yunfeng is a person,She still doesn’t understand,The daughter might have met someone she likes。
Just such a thing,She is not so direct。

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