Steve·Herberg is helpless with Chen Geng、When I want to warn him severely but can’t find a chance,McDonnell Douglas Headquarters,In front of Little MacDonald, there is also a newspaper that published the interview of Chen Geng。
Not only is there this newspaper in front of Little Macdonald,In front of the ten people in the conference room,This newspaper is also placed。
“Gentlemen,Everyone finished watching?For this view of Mr. Fernandez,What do you think?”Little MacDonald’s voice is a bit hoarse。
The little Macdonald now is not the little Macdonald he was this year,In order for the Douglas Department to successfully integrate in,Little MacDonald has spent too much energy over the years,In addition, McDonnell Douglas’ performance has continued to decline during this period,The pressure on him is huge,now,He seemed to be out of breath from exhaustion and pressure,Not only tired,And old。
The conference room is quiet,All the executives bow their heads,Watch the reactions of people around you with the corner of your eyes:What do i say?What can i say?
Little Macdonald,Not surprised by the atmosphere in the conference room,Don’t know when,This is how the McDonnell Douglas executive meeting,Everyone is perfunctory,Just for that high salary,No one speaks,He directly addressed the defense、Executive Vice President Aviation and Safety Portland·mark·Allen asked:“Allen,tell me your opinion。”
Little MacDonald’s voice fell,The eyes of all the executives suddenly fell on Portland.·mark·Allen’s body——as we all know,Portland·mark·Allen is a representative figure in the Douglas department inside McDonnell Douglas,He is also the most staunch opponent of the merger of Douglas and McDonald.,Mr. Macdonald Jr. first asked about Portland·mark·Allen,Could it be that……
Everyone’s mind suddenly floated。
Not only did everyone’s minds float,Actually Portland·mark·Alan’s heart is also floating,But he didn’t speak immediately,But after a quick thought, he said slowly:“There are indeed some problems inside the McDonnell Douglas aircraft,We all know this,and so,Not to mention the tone of publicity,Just talk about my personal real opinion:I think,Mr. Fernandez’s suggestion is worth considering。”
Even if everyone knows that the biggest dream of the original Douglas guys is to let the annexed Douglas go independently,Portland·mark·Allen’s voice fell off,The executives of the McDonald department still looked at Portland in shock.·mark·Allen:He actually agreed?!
next moment,Everyone’s eyes all fell on the chairman and CEO of the group McDonald Jr.。
Little MacDonald has no expression on his face,But my heart is full of sorrow:Since I took over McDonnell from my father,,In order to enable the Douglas people to integrate smoothly into MacDonald,these years,I have always given in to Douglas bastards,I haven’t even done anything to suppress the voice of the MacDonald department.,But now it seems,All the efforts made by myself and my father over the years have been useless,The Douglas guys are just a group of white-eyed wolves who have been warmed up by any means.,Ok,Fernandez·Chen’s words,These Douglas guys are“Snake in winter,You heat them up with your body temperature,It won’t thank you,Instead, he will bite you immediately”。
The farmer and the snake!
Farmer and snake。

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