[8 revenge for women against men]_Men

[8 revenge for women against men]_Men

Reading tips: I have never offended women easily since I was young. One is that I only care about being stingy when I care about women, and I am afraid that women will remember hatred.

If a man hates a woman, more than 80% of the chances will be difficult, because if the woman does not retaliate, it will be hysterical.

The first way: spend your money, and it will cost you a lot of money. Women who use alternative retaliation methods are mostly a little wise, love their face, but it is difficult to self-control the retaliation after injury.

Just think about it, the man did something that was sorry to me, and I really couldn’t hold my breath, how can I see how disgusting he is from now on.

Just hit it, but you ca n’t beat him; go to his parents and leader to haunt him, and his skull is not light; look for a man outside, his own nature is traditional, and he ca n’t take this step .The best way to choose revenge is to spend a lot of his hard-earned money on his hard-earned money, which cost him heartache, and he took the initiative to ask for mercy. If he still refuses to show anything, then just how much he hasI’ll spend as much as I can until he spends his family.

Revenge at all, except for those women who are really sinister and hate you, it is very difficult to continue to the end, as long as a man is willing to pull down and bravely admit mistakes in front of her, and reformed, she is basicallyWilling to give men a chance.

In fact, the fundamental purpose of spending your money is to let you spend a deep lesson, and it is better to say that you are in charge of revenge.


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