What should I do if my child gets a low score?

What should I do if my child gets a low score?


Be calm.

Don’t see your child get a low score, don’t ask him for a bad score, scold the child, let alone add a whip, so that the child will never dare to show parents the low score test paper.


Pay attention to your child’s justification.

Sometimes the “low score” is not low.

For example, the average math score in the class is 40 points, and the child scores 60 points, which may be the “top spot” in the class.

In addition, the child may have other physiological reasons for low scores, such as dizziness, abdominal pain and so on.


Compare with your child’s previous test results.

See if the child has progressed or regressed. If the child used to have 30-40 points in math, 50 points in this test is a big improvement. Progress should be praised. Don’t scold when you fail.


See if the child is bad or bad.

To see the test scores of other subjects of the child, don’t just look at the poor test of one course, say that the child is bad, to distinguish the single difference from the total difference.

If the child feels inferior and discouraged because of a difference, parents should also encourage their children to adjust their children’s mood with good results in other subjects.


See if the child has a difference or a difference.

The quality of a child cannot be reflected on one or more test scores. For example, if a child’s test results are obtained by rote memorization, the answer is mechanical, which is good or bad; and some children respond flexibly.The answer is creative. Sometimes the score is not high, but the difference is good.


Look at the content of the exam.

If the unit test or the single test has a low score, it may be that the child does not have a good grasp of some parts or certain content, and the child should be reminded to pay attention; if the final exam or comprehensive practice test score is low, it must cause awarenessHere, look for the cause.


See if the child is bad or slightly worse.

For those who are slightly worse, parents should not exaggerate their resignation, so as not to hurt the child’s self-esteem and reduce their enthusiasm.

For poor children, parents should discuss the countermeasures with the teacher.

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