He took a quiet look,The reporter who slandered Hengneng Real Estate in the news gradually eased,Like the steps Yushi helped her find, she accepted。

Nothing more,He doesn’t want to care about her,Just treat her as a misunderstanding。
Zhou Haichang sitting in the office secretly calculating,Just waiting for Zhang Wenya can’t hold it,Started to sell shares in Hengneng Real Estate。
Even if he can’t become the ruler of Hengneng,At least be a shareholder。Annoy them,Isn’t it something that makes him happy??
Zhou Haichang is in a good mood,I didn’t notice that Vice President Liu Yuanzhi opened the door and walked in。
“Zhou Zong,Oh no!”Liu Yuanzhi’s face turned pale,Looks flustered。
“What’s wrong with you,Panicked?”Zhou Haichang is thinking about something beautiful,See Liu Yuanzhi like this,Can’t help being upset by him,Somewhat unhappy。
“Zhou Zong,Somehow,Wu Zesheng invited the person in charge of the Planning Bureau,Just finished the interview,Proved them,Prove that the greening rate stipulated in the planning and design plan was originally 30%。”
“Wu Zesheng’s actions are really fast,Check it out so quickly!”Zhou Haichang smiled slightly,Compared to Liu Yuanzhi’s panic,He is very calm。
“Zhou Zong,What should we do next?”Liu Yuanzhi asked for instructions。
“How to do?Wait!as far as I know,Hengneng Real Estate has very little liquidity,And Zhang Wenya asked Wu Zesheng to spend three hundred million to photograph the land in the commercial center,They will soon be unable to survive。”Zhou Haichangyin sneered。
Liu Yuanzhi almost guessed his intention,Flattering:“No wonder Mr. Zhou is not in a hurry,I think you must have a plan,I’m all in a hurry。”
His words make Zhou Haichang very useful,He looks at him,Nodding approvingly。
Wu Zesheng and the designer agreed to meet in a private restaurant,Under the strong request of Yushi,Wu Zesheng took her to meet this designer。
Because Yushi had a good impression of this designer before,It is said that his works have won international awards。She is curious,What kind of temptation made him violate professional ethics,Leak customer secrets,Become a weapon for others to slander Hengneng Real Estate?
The two go to the restaurant first,It took a while for the designer to arrive。

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