The owner of the private kitchen was taken aback,And then reacted quickly,Holding a lunch box and chasing Han Zhili from the back。

I was in Han Zhili’s box before,But the owner of the private kitchen serves him personally,The sumptuous dishes on that table,There are many others who have not been passive,With Han’s reputation for being thrifty,Packaging is not unexpected,It was just delayed by the fight,So that the owner of the private kitchen didn’t react for a while。
Han Zhili and the owner of the private chef left one after another,As for the atrium“Ruined wall”,No one is in charge for the time being。
After the blood,Ling Yun started thinking about a problem,Can I go on working in a private kitchen??
“Who is that old man?”
After the calm,Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao filed out,Watching Han Zhili’s departure,Both people are curious to ask Lingyun and Xiangyang。
“At the freshman meeting,What are you doing?”
Through Xiangyang’s introduction,Ling Yun has met her two new friends,But Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao’s continuous questions,Let Ling Yun hold his forehead weakly。
“I’m sleeping?”
Xiao Xiaoxiao scratching his head,Looking at Zhu Shiyao with doubts,Zhu Shiyao drank a sip of Coke,Smashed mouth,Said with a frown in memory。
“I do not know,I should have been eating that day。”
“The three of us had hot pot in the dorm that day,And asked Bai Lu to take time off for us。”
Xiangyang seems to remember something,The look on his face is not so good。Ling Yun was completely blackened,Since he came into contact with learning,Have seen various situations,But the students of the New Student Conference,This is the first time I saw,And I saw three people at once。
“Lao Han is the president of Wanghai University,It is also one of the only great scholars recognized by contemporary China,His students,From business to politics,Almost everywhere,I did not expect that,Wanghai University students really don’t know Mr. Han。”
Ling Yun smiled bitterly,Face the three live treasures in front of me,He really doesn’t know what to say。
And in another corner of Wanghai University,There is another person as speechless as Ling Yun,He is Xiang Chen。
At this moment, Xiang Chen is squatting in front of Tian Dazhuang,Use tissues given by kind college students,Roughly cleaning up Tian Dazhuang’s wound。
“You a takeaway,Why did you have a conflict with Wanghai University students?,The quality I usually tell you,Did you take it to heart?”
I kept frowning when Xiang Chen spoke,The project of caring for people has always been his weakness,What’s more, it’s still a defeated soldier crying in front of him now。

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