First971chapter Refitted with a new-powered Robinson helicopter
Chen Geng and Frank·Before Robinson’s eyes,There is a leading product of Robinson Helicopter Company:R22Piston-powered two-seater helicopter。
Just this Robinson in front of meR22And the ones produced by RobinsonR22slidely different,Lycoming on boardO-360The four-cylinder air-cooled piston aviation engine is gone,Replaced by a volume that looks like a125CCThe displacement of the motorcycle engine is about the same size、An engine with a whistling sound characteristic of a turbine engine during operation。
Yes,This is a Robinson with a modified turboshaft engineR22,compared toR22The previous maximum takeoff power165LycomingO-360Four-cylinder engine,RobinsonR22The maximum output power of the turboshaft engine on board has reached206horsepower,But the overall weight is more than LycomingO-360Lighter45kg!
Reduce the weight of the engine itself,Coupled with the increase in power,Let Lycoming’s maximum load compare“old style”R22increased75kg,The cruising speed is also from the previous157Kilometers per hour have increased to the current186Kilometers per hour。
of course,All this is the data calculated before,Can this data be achieved,Everything depends on today’s test flight。
Frank·Robinson is a little excited,I kept talking to Chen Geng:“boss,It surprised me that,You guys built this engine so quickly,And the price is so cheap……”
Yes,RobinsonR22This small turboshaft engine,It comes from COMAC,The small turbine project started by Chen Geng before,After several years of hard work, it is finally blooming,After getting the China Aviation AdministrationCAACAfter certification,Was immediately sent to Robinson Helicopter headquarters,Perform installation verification,at the same time,United StatesFAACertification work has also started。
“Feel pretty good?”Chen Gengxiao asked。
“Of course not bad,”Frank·Robinson nodded excitedly:“Such a maximum output shaft power reached200Horsepower turboshaft engine,It’s only better thanR22The Lycoming that was carried aboveO-360Engine expensive80%,Prices can be lowered after mass production20%,What else can i ask?!”
Talking Kung Fu,The headsets of the two came out of the tower(Yes,In order to test and command the aircraft,Robinson Helicopter has its own small tower)Instruction:“N7166G,Can take off,repeat,N7166G,Can take off。”
“N7166GRoger that,Ready to take off,repeat,N7166GRoger that,Ready to take off。”
Accompanied by the response from the headset,The rotation speed of the helicopter’s rotor has increased again,Chen Geng and Frank·Robinson couldn’t help taking two steps back again,next moment,Accompanied by the roar of the new turboshaft engine,This one in front of youR22The helicopter left the ground lightly,And stopped at a height of almost one meter above the ground。
“Vince,how are you feeling?”Frank·Robinson didn’t even call the registration number of the fuselage,Asked directly to the helicopter pilot who was flying。
“boss,I feel great,”Anyway, in my company,N7166GThe pilots don’t care,Speak directly:“Operation is very flexible,The throttle response is very sensitive,LycomingO-360The throttle response is much more sensitive,In addition, the power is significantly more abundant。”
“well,”Frank·Robinson asked immediately:“Are there any other bad reactions?”
“Not yet。”
“OK,Then continue to the next project。”

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