US media report: Seoul will take the lead to join the "Yuan Cosmic Platform"

November 12 report According to the US Quartz Finance website, Seoul will become the first municipal government to join the Universe.

Seoul, South Korea said that it will become the first major urban government to join the Yuancosian.

On November 3, Seoul announced a plan, and allows the Yuancosian dependence on virtual reality to enjoy a variety of public services and participation in cultural activities.

If the plan is successful, Seoul people can wear virtual reality glasses to do various things in the virtual city hall, including visiting historical monuments, and even file civil lawsuits.

According to reports, this $ 39 million (about $ 3.3 million) investment is part of the 10-year planning of Mayor Wu Shixun as the 10-year plan set by Seoul.

The planning goal is to improve the social mobility of the public and enhance the global competitiveness of Seoul.

The report also said that before 2022, the Seoul Municipal Government will develop their own Yuan Cosmic platform.

By 2026, the platform will have a variety of public functions, including virtual mayor, and space for business services, financial technology incubators and public investment organizations.

According to reports, the platform will start in December this year and the virtual new year bell ceremony will be held. Seoul plans to open a Yuancai 120 in 2023. This is a place to provide virtual public services. Human virtualization will have problems with public in the public here. They only entered the city hall to solve these problems.

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