Too much yogurt flora affects digestive function

Too much yogurt flora affects digestive function

Guide: Excessive intake of yogurt flora affects digestive function.

Yogurt has always been a health sacred product for those who are allergic to milk. Everyone thinks that eating these things is beneficial and harmless. Reporters used to eat yogurt as a meal. They also have a good impression on the probiotics in yogurt.

  It is not difficult to find the number of probiotic yogurt in the supermarket, and the competition of yogurt products has entered the era of “bacterial war”.

In the supermarket dairy products counter, there are no less than 10 “professional” names of various strains on the packaging of yogurt, and the technology of yogurt products is getting faster and faster.

  Some yogurts are even labeled with the name of the bacteria, and also indicate the number of bacteria, and they are said to be imported from abroad. The fragments are pure and strong.

There are also advertisements that promote the variety of bacteria to help digestion and different health functions.

  Excessive bacterial flora affects digestive function and increases probiotics. Yogurt is generally a few cents more expensive than ordinary yogurt, but many citizens are still willing to choose such products.

  Is it good to have more bacteria?

Nutrition expert He Jun believes that although the bacterial group added to yogurt has “a wide range of names,” the effects are similar, which is mainly beneficial to human digestion and absorption.

  However, because the bacteria need to be stored under low temperature and cold conditions, the number of live bacteria on the package is alternated with the number when accumulated.

In addition, if you take in too much flora, it will also disrupt the balance of the flora in your body, which will reduce your digestive function.

  Glossary explanation: What are probiotics? Currently, there are only two types of yogurts of various names on the market?

The bet is a pure natural fermented yogurt; the second is a formulated yogurt, which adds flavored yogurt such as edible lactic acid, citric acid, and organic acid to the first yogurt.

  It is understood that the strains that make pure natural fermented yogurt are nothing more than two types of lactic acid bacteria such as Streptococcus lactis and Lactobacillus, and the various types of flora suggested on the market are just adding ingredients that promote lactic acid bacteria reproduction.

  For example, some nominally added “Bifidobacteria” yogurts are added to the Lactobacillus bifidus factor based on fructooligosaccharides or isomaltose.

  Improper storage of live bacteria into dead bacteria is very small, and the number is particularly large. In fact, the number of bacteria in the human body is uncountable, and 10 billion of them are nothing at all.

There are some effective bacteria (probiotics) and some pathogenic bacteria in the human body, which are interrelated and work.

  In theory, the more effective bacteria, the better.

The content of active probiotics at 10 billion units is definitely not more than a reasonable amount, and even 20 billion can be used.

  However, everyone should pay attention to the phenomenon of “dead bacteria” when purchasing yogurt. In fact, most probiotics can’t work because of lack of acid resistance, and there is no problem of excessive replacement.

  At present, although there are more than 100 domestic companies producing probiotic yogurt, only three or five of them are resistant to acidic cations and can resist the strong acid of gastric juice.

Moreover, the supermarket’s sales environment cannot guarantee strong low temperature, which also caused a large number of active probiotics to die during storage.

  Tips: Nutritionist title: If you take in too much flora, it will also disrupt the balance of the flora in the body itself, which will reduce the digestive function.

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