but,He still remembers the days of peace in Qingfengmen。

Brothers and brothers surround the elders and listen to the stories outside the mountain gate。
Interrupt,The days of the sect contest。
And the cute little sister。
“Two younger brothers!Three hundred years ago,My Qingfengmen was destroyed,Just escaped the three of us!”There http://www.jiajao.cn was a tremor in the calm tone of the master,“but I,I really don’t want to run away anymore!”
“Big brother,I don’t want to escape!”Another handsome,But there was a primordial monk who had scars on his chin from under his forehead and said softly。
“Brother,We use this Yasha Dao soldiers,It’s a fight!”
“Don’t run away,Uncle and uncle,Let’s go!”
“Kill them,Revenge for our Qingfeng Sword School!”
The Lord of Exterminators Trust the Most,The thirty Vientiane real people who formed this Yasha Dao Soldier,One is the younger brother,The others are their disciples,And disciples of disciples。This is what he trusts most,He will definitely make the same choice when facing Chiteng。
A huge indigo yaksha,Four arms,Holding four weapons separately,Roaring at the golden flying boat,The face of the Lord of the Demon Slayer appeared http://www.15banglun.cn on the face of Yasha,But it’s extremely hideous。
“Curiosity Combination。”The immortal Cang who has been calm also showed surprise:“It should be a set that can be used for Yuanshen Taoists、Dao Bing Array of Real People in Vientiane。Even formed the body of gods and demons。”
“On Power,Not inferior to ordinary immortals,These ones,Old fifth, you didn’t tell me。”Talking room,He also took a cold look at the rugged fairy。
The rugged fairy looks pale,In his opinion, the Buddha sword is a bit threatening,But extinction will。。。Anyway, he really didn’t know that Exterminating the Devil would actually make such a big killer。
“Nothing more,You go to fight this pawn formation,Let us also see how strong this army is。”
“Yes,Third brother!”The rugged fairy can only lead。Controlling a huge seal as heavy as a mountain and killed it。
Chapter http://www.fsjllt.cn Thirty Five Dixian level fight

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