“Now that I have decided to deal with this matter,Then all this,Should be solved。”

When Wang Teng finished,Others are puzzled。
Wang Teng asked Zhao Yingjie to arrange,And Wang Teng itself,Actually, I feel,this matter,I still should solve it quickly on my own side。
if not,Continue to consume here,In fact, it’s not necessarily a good way。
Just watching here,Wang Teng gritted his teeth:“rest assured,I’ll be there to save you soon!”
When Wang Teng was talking here,It’s quickly moving away。
Chapter 96 I’m Here
Wei Shasha is very anxious,Had known,Just listen to Wang Teng before。
But now,Where’s Wei Shasha,Actually don’t know,What should I do?。
And the more so,Actually here,Wei Shasha looks more and more feels,Such a problem,In fact, it is absolutely necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible。
“Missy,What should we do?”
The people around look at Wei Shasha,Talking here very anxiously。
But after these people finished,Now,Wei Shasha thought secretly in her heart。

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