Although this is an obvious provocation,But he wants to see what the pharmacist’s expression would be if he saw him dare to look back。

After shouting,Qin Feng discovered that no one came out,This makes him a little depressed。
of course,From Qin Feng’s perspective,He didn’t dare to step into the pharmacy house easily。After all, it’s hard to say whether the opponent’s family will get some traps,So he cannot easily enter。
After a few minutes,A few people walked out from the bombed wall to check。When they saw Qin Feng, they shouted,“There are people,They didn’t go!”
Finished,These men fled back to the drug house。only,Because the walls were blown up,In fact, Qin Feng can also see them running away。
If you guess right,These subordinates are afraid that they were called out by the upper class to check the situation。
And now it is confirmed that there are people outside,I don’t know how the pharmacist will respond。
The explosives Agay used before may really frighten this group of people,So no one came out after everyone fled back。But Qin Feng still vaguely heard some quarrels。
“Why don’t you go out to see?”
“What a ghost,You let me die?I disagree!”
“I said I shouldn’t agree with the owner’s opinion。Why join the WTO?it’s good now,Offend the other side,People call,Not only killed our three elders,Even lost a bomb with such a large coverage area,Our house was blown up,There are still such serious casualties.”
Obviously, the people inside the pharmacist are fighting each other。

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