And they are not a level at all,Can only rely on intuitive judgment,If the other party really wants to make a move,He has no chance of escape。
In this case,Just go with the flow。
Let Tu Cancan go,The other party kneeled on the ground again,With a panic expression。
“Grandpa is here,Tu Cancan interrupted your rest,Can’t do sorry,I hope grandpa will not be offended。”
“Haha,There is such a talent among the younger generation of my Tu family,I feel relieved!”
Naturally, this old man would not think he belonged to the butcher just because he was wearing the clothes of the butcher,To a certain extent,They can see the power of blood in others!
obviously,The other party is talking about Tu Cancan。
“Grandpa,You’re so shameless,In the younger generation, I’m afraid I’m not even the top!”
“Oh?is it?”The old man laughed happily,“can,I thought the family would gradually decline,Looks pretty good now,All right,Get up and talk back!”
Old man finished,Tu Cancan feels his body here is lifted up by a gentle force,This is the initiative to stand up。
“well,Since it’s your internal matter,I won’t join,Farewell!”
Tell him intuitively,It’s a good choice to leave here quickly。
“Kid,Are you leaving in such a hurry?,The people outside have been stopped by me,No need to be so nervous!”

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