Li De stretched his head,Looked at the outside world,Report to Chen Limu:“Mrs,Seeing signs of traffic jam,I think the pick-up time will be missed。”

Think for a moment,Chen Limu sighed,Ask for advice:“Just in case,Contact Lisu,Let her wait a while at the airport,Or let her take a taxi first,Is there no alternative to traffic jams?。”
Li De made a heavy expression,Like thinking about more ways to travel。
Waited for about half an hour,The car still does not move,Li De is also worried,Turn on car traffic broadcast,It turned out that there was a traffic accident ahead causing congestion。
Chen Limu said:“No wonder,If ever,The road is very smooth,The pick-up time we calculate will be on time,I didn’t expect this to happen。”
“Is the plan not changing fast?。”Li De sighed。
Chen Limu in the car sighed a few times,Be overwhelmed。
Ye Xingkong took out his phone,Search for the parking area near the pick-up gate on your mobile phone,When Chen Limu and Li De are not paying attention,Take out the iron and press the button inside,Suddenly everything around is still,The car he rides in the sky,Directly to the parking space at the scheduled pick-up station。
Li De get off,Open the door of Chen Limu,Cover your hands tenderly on top of Chenli wood,Chen Limu slowly stretched out one foot and got out of the car slowly。
When a group of people came to the pick-up gate,It happened to announce Xie Lisu’s arrival flight。
Tall、Fashionable Xie Lisu carrying a small pearl bag,Dragged a trolley box out。
Both sides saw it almost at the same time,Waved with joy,Xie Lisu came over and hugged Chen Limu:“Hi Aunt Mu!”
Then I looked at Li De next to him,Say hello:Hi Uncle De!
Look at the side and Ye Xingkong,She froze for a while,Almost jumped over,Hug Ye Xingkong tightly:“Colan,is it you,They all said you can’t find it,I just don’t believe。”

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