Women have nine main types of dissatisfaction with men

Women have nine main types of dissatisfaction with men

A social psychologist has investigated the psychological causes of husband and wife disagreement and found that the wife’s dissatisfaction with her husband mainly has the following aspects: First, the husband’s selfishness and inconsiderate.

Women need men’s tenderness. The selfishness of their husbands is the number one enemy of love.

  Second, there are no outstanding achievements in career.

Women always want their husbands to stand out, or at least make a difference.

  Three, alas.

Pay too much attention to the family.

  Fourth, you ca n’t bear responsibility when you are in trouble, and you like to refuse.

  Fifth, do not want to discuss things openly and honestly.

  6. Lack of interest in children and weak family concept.

  7. Put yourself above your family.

Take your own things seriously, your friends, and do not know how to respect family members.

  Eight, rude manners, grumpy, and impatient.

  Nine, love to criticize people, usually men’s generosity, broken mouth, like to criticize small things.

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