Looking at Ouyang Hong who is a little reddish,Xia Jian asked deliberately:“My mother came to you?What is she looking for?Isn’t she here to tell someone in the village??“

Ouyang Hong saw Xia Jian teasing her on purpose,He couldn’t help but said in vain:“hate,Ignore you“
The boss of the Xiangfu family heard that he came from outside,So this sense of service still has a lot to do with local restaurants。As soon as Xia Jian and the others entered,Someone came to greet them,Led them into the box,Then pour the tea,Only then retired。
When Xia Jian orders something,Someone came in to take the menu and went to the back kitchen,In the middle,People keep calling to add water to them。Such service will give people http://www.jlcmy.cn a feeling of special service,No wonder business here is good。
The dishes are also fast,Wait until the dishes are ready,Xia Jian told the waiter to leave,He just smiled and said:“very sorry,My mom is older,Do things without considering her,So the trouble caused to you,I’m here to accompany you“
“What do you mean?Could it be that Ouyang Hong is so savvy?“Ouyang Hong said a little displeased。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I am stupid,Speak badly,Let’s talk while eating,Or the dishes are cold“Xia Jian hurriedly avoided the topic。
Two people ate food for a while,Ouyang Hong stopped the chopsticks in her hand and asked with a smile:“Auntie wants to hug her grandson,What do you think about things?I can’t be happy by myself and ignore the feelings of my family.!“
“Ha ha!How can this be considered。you know too,I am very busy at work now,There is no time to think about these things。Moreover,Some things can be met but not desired“Xia Jian gave herself an excuse that was not a reason,Because in his heart,There is no bottom line about this。
Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“some things,Can’t miss,I’m afraid it’s hard to find if I missed it。Now your people can be said to be very good,Because you have such a good platform for startups。But who can predict it in the future,After all, her surname is Xiao“
Ouyang Hong’s words hit the nail on the head,This made Xia Jian’s heart chuckle.。
Xia Jian was silent for a long time,Then he took a breath and said:“Already reached this point,Can’t stop。The family thinks really well for me,But they made a mistake,You eat public dinner,It can be said to be a lifetime job,And I’m just a worker“
“This is what you think,I didn’t say a word like that“Ouyang Hong blushed,Immediately retorted。
Xia Jian has heard the meaning in her words,Does she http://www.jdays.cn really agree?Usually with a woman,Xia Jian is okay to be kidding,But when it’s a critical juncture,He really doesn’t know what to say。

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