Waiting to go back to the hotel in the evening,Li Xiang Tao has already returned to the team.,Also all is a wine。

The eyebrows of the king pick,road:“Drinking wine,Talking about it today is very good.?”
Li Xiangtao laughed:“Not happy,Have a foundation yesterday,Today, I felt that Baidu’s willingness to this http://www.xiankezu.cn mergers and acquisitions strongly.,Several questions talk smoothly,The intention contract is also signed,Waiting for them to think about it again,Then start the second round of negotiations,Develop basic terms of the company,You can formally sign the contract,Take the process started。”
The intention is signed,Means of,Unexpected,This merger is basically stable.……Wang Liuxin:“Do one’s good,Is the next negotiation time is about a time??”
Li Xiang Tao shook his head:“Not yet,It’s a New Year.,It is estimated that you should go to the year.。”
Wang Liyu,Take a look:“This time is more communication with Baidu.,Already cooked duck,Don’t let him fly again.。”
Li Xiang Taoxin vowed:“rest assured,Will not。”
Negotiation,The task of this time is over.,Morning,Wang Direous and Li Xiangtao and others flew back to Nanhua。
http://www.hongkangfdc.cn Falling is just right at noon,Hands also carry gifts,Wang Flow has not returned to the company,Go home。
Get into the door,Xu Guiying greeted the rush:“Small stream,Don’t you talk to what company negotiating??How to participate in the forum,I also boarded the news.?”
Half a month wheel to her to help see the child,Wang Liu also knows,But if you say, you will completely fog.:
“news?What news?”
Xu Gui turned around and took a newspaper,Give him to him:“look by youself。”
Wang traffic looked at the eye:Tiansheng Expressor low-key appearance,Entry into the world is amazing!
Looking at the title of the title, I suddenly came over.,It turned out to be that he was in the forum yesterday.,Yesterday the forum is quite high.,There are also many reporters who come to the field.,Plus his speech,It’s not an accident being accidentally explored.。
Greatly sweeping the eyes,Most of the space is actually writing around him.,The other guests don’t have much.,Some even brought,Wang traffic is a little missing,He is not an 宾?
Originally just a viewer,How did it finally grab a guest’s limelight??
“The above is you.?Look at the newspaper,You are still quarreling with people at the scene.?You are different now.,This note is still a little attention,Also old and people quarrel。”Xu Guiying。
“Noisy,Is different,Two sentences have been debated。”Wang Flow,Said to pick up the gift to her handed her.,Ink:
“Visited in Beijing,See a few pieces of clothes with you,I bought it.,Try it later,Look at。”
“Buy and buy clothes?I bought it last year, I haven’t worn it.,How to buy it again。”Xu Guiying is a bit worried。
“Then wear slowly,Anyway, it can’t be bad.。”Wang Liu is not concerned,I looked around.,Ask:“Child?”
“Fell asleep,Room。”Xu Guiying took the clothes and the next,Don’t say nothing,Can you compare the mouth or unconsciously evacuating a smirk,The last light is still not addictive,Sorry, you have to go back to the room.,Try a try in person。
I have left two steps and suddenly stopped.,Turn back:“correct,There is still something, I have to discuss with you.。”
Wang traffic is sitting on the couch,Curious:“What’s up,Say straight。”
Xu Guieying Road:“It’s a New Year.,His a bunch of things is busy,Your dad must be busy,I have to go back to help him together in advance.,I am afraid that I can’t wait for half a month.,You will come back with me.,Still waiting for your company to pay,Go back with Xiaying?”
“Would you like me to pick your Dad?,Let’s get in the city.。”Wang Li, a smile,Proposal。
Xu Guimei white,road:“Get your dad,Also, you have a family.,New Year’s years?Even if you pick them,There are so many relatives.,Also don’t move,Just accompany you in the city?Like?”
Wang Flow rushes to surrender:“Live,Then go back.,However, I am afraid I have to wait until the thirty child can go back.。”
The same is true in the past few years ago.,Xu Gui did not accidentally,Noddion:“Then you are busy with you.,I will go back.。”
Zhang Xiaoying is busy back home。
Has been with Liu Changhui,Before you have to go to Tsinghuaba,Almost thirty months,Not a small thing,I should talk to her in love.。
The king will give her a mouth.,Zhang Xiaoying agreed,Even a little envy:“This is a good thing.,Enrich yourself is very good,And still go to Tsinghua,Is a good opportunity,You can rest assured,I’m with you。”
Wang traffic nodded,Apologize:“But I usually be busy.,This continuous weekend time can’t be out.,I can only have worked hard in the future.。”
Zhang Xiaoying glanced at him an eye.,Mouth:“It seems that you don’t go,It’s the same at home in the usual weekend.。”
Wang Liu has just brewed a little affection,Word of words,Said to say this,Justually he is not in the absence,Is the external pay,Not much at home,Can be directly removed,It is also a bit too embarrassing.?
Wang Liu’s grin is grinned.,Speak without saying。

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