Chen Geng nodded:“Ok,What you heard,I have about a dozen or twenty jobs here,Work harder, monthly income will not be lower2000USD,But the conditions are more difficult……”

There is a saying that the fertilizer does not flow out of the field,Have this opportunity to earn high wages,Of course Chen Geng thinks of his compatriots first,Don’t give priority to taking care of your fellow citizens,Are you going to take care of those old beauties、Old black and old Mexico?American、Old black、Lao Mo is just famous all over the world for stealing rape and skiing when working,It’s about using trade unions、Strikes“protection”Own interest,Everyone who knows himself without a teacher is at a master level。
Chen Geng can’t afford such a master,I didn’t see that Michael would rather not do the scrapping project,Unwilling to attract old black、Do Lao Mo do these things?。
Why did Chen Geng think of coming to Chinatown to find these compatriots?,on the one hand,He heard Ji Shengcheng say that life for Chinese in the United States is relatively difficult,Since they are all compatriots,Naturally, as long as you can help;on the other hand,The degree of industriousness of our Chinese is also that of any other ethnic group、The races are completely incomparable,Our nation is like weeds,No matter how difficult the conditions are,As long as there is a chance to root yourself,Can thrive。Have such a chance,Who else can I find without my compatriots??
Ji Shengcheng is shaking like chaff,I was trembling and speechless,He has only one thought in his mind:Brother Chen is willing to provide you with some job opportunities!Brother Chen is willing to provide you with some monthly salary2000Job opportunities in dollars!
Ji Shengcheng does not know how the living conditions of the Chinese in other big cities in the United States are.,It is said that the life of the Chinese in New York’s Chinatown is pretty good,But the Chinese in Detroit can only be regarded as a member of the low- and middle-income groups in Detroit.,Is white、Black person、help@The target of bullying,Even Mexicans、Indians dare to bully themselves,High-income job opportunities are almost unfamiliar with Chinese,Chen Geng is simply an outlier among American Chinese,If he is willing to help everyone,I don’t know how many people live better。
“Chen Ge……”White’s voice trembled:“you……You didn’t kid me?”
“Do you think i will joke with you?”
“No no no,That was not what I meant,I mean……I mean……”
“All right,Don’t be so excited,”Chen Geng smiled and waved:“Let me tell you briefly,I need to organize a group of people to go to the scrap car dismantling company,Help me dismantle those scrap cars that are intact、Parts that can be used,Working conditions are tough,In the early stage, we can only provide our compatriots with some wind and rain tents。But it’s spring now,I don’t think the problem is big,I promise to let everyone work in an air-conditioned workshop before winter……”
Go to the scrap car dismantling company to dismantle scrap parts?
Originally worried that Fernandez would let everyone do some bad work.,Now I’m completely relieved:It’s really the same as Brother Chen said,But the conditions are more difficult,But earning money is really earning money。
“I think the problem shouldn’t be big,Everyone wants to find a way to make money crazy,”Finally adjusted my mood,Ji Shengcheng is fast:“Just make money,Everyone would be happy to do it,And disassembling parts is not too tiring……Chen Ge,Can i make an opinion?”

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