Surprised and doubts。

In fact,Even if it is now,Many people do not clear the traditional martial arts,Real difference between free fight and freehand fight。
simply say,If the free fight is free to play the other party,So exciting fight is a trick!
This is murderous!
now,Wushuang after heard is also a glimpse。
Previous time,He only listened to the brothers told him,Xiao Fourth and Xiaoyou were hit by people,The other party seems good。
How strong,Those people don’t say,Instead, add oil to vinegar to push the responsibility to the summer party.。
not only that,They also gave themselves,Many people in each other,More than 20,Have a hand,So under confusion,Small four and small five only have interrupted arms and hands。
As for the lead,Natural is summer。
Various thoughts,Soon recovery,Wujie immediately laughed a few times.,“Hahaha。classmate,You will be joking,bring it on,If you can hurt me,I am, but I don’t blame you.,Thank you。”
He said this,Four weeks of students have hurt。
“Yes,Ah,Before you can’t play it?,Tieng and Jin Shengnan,How is it now?。”
“Hehehe,Funeral?I will find a reason for myself.。”
“that is,I don’t know how the Yunno goddess will look at this person.。”
I don’t know how many boys waiting for this opportunity.。
Soaping bird。
Today’s summer appears,It was surrounded by the ladun player.,Then there is in the basketball game to pull the tide,After that, it is also a tyranny of Tiefeng and Jin Shengnan.。
Head of him,I have already caused a lot of people’s dissatisfaction.,Can now step on a foot,Will not be polite at all。
See this scene,Wujie’s mouth has a wipe,Soon disappear,Immediate radio,“bring it on,Don’t like a mother。”
“Go on!”
“It is a man who insists on one hundred seconds.。”
Someone in secret,Someone attached,I encountered and 恿。
Yunno around the summer is slightly eyebrow,Why,The sixth sense of the woman makes her feel a feeling of unusual breath.。
See more and more people join the ranks,Summer nodded,Stand up,Go to the field。
Standing opposite Wujie。
“This is like a man.。”
Wu Jie laughs,The scorpion flashed,Pull away,Direction before and after the arms,Signature summer。
“bring it on。”Summer nodded,Not talking,Make a few steps,Then a punch。
NS119chapter I said you can’t do it.
Facing the summer hidden fist,Wujie’s eyes flashed in a cold。
Now,Sideways,The situation, a whip leg, sweeping the summer legs。
His purpose is simple。
Want to make an accident。
Accidents in the training of freedom fight。
But to make an accident in so many people,It is a technology.,Not anyone can do it。

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