Hua Ziyu heard Zhang Dong call him the boss,I knew they were in the same group,So naturally I don’t have a good face,I’m watching Qin Feng wear ordinary clothes,Hua Ziyu didn’t take him seriously。

“I think this handsome guy is right,There is no money to marry a wife now,Is irresponsibility to the family,Men let you start a career and then get a family,do you think so?Handsome guy。”Wang Mengmeng approached Hua Ziyu as he said。
“Just,beauty,Since you don’t have a boyfriend,I don’t have a girlfriend either, please look at us and try to date?”
Hua Ziyu was fascinated by Wang Mengmeng at first sight,No wonder,Such a beautiful woman is still so quiet,Anyone will be fascinated。
If you don’t know it before,I’m afraid Qin Feng will be fooled by her,Unexpectedly, Wang Mengmeng’s pretending to be quiet is really impressive。
“Why should people associate with you??Aren’t you friends with them,Then you definitely won’t have it,People have never suffered since childhood,So sorry。”
Wang Mengmeng says something,Qin Feng has goose bumps on his body,If it wasn’t for this play,Qin Feng really wants to take off her pants,Smoke her。
“I am not friends with them,Know at best,You know this man earlier than I did,I also saw him for the first time。”
Hua Ziyu quickly separated from Qin Feng and the others,I don’t know that I thought they were viruses,Quarantine quickly。
“So,No wonder you know what you are wearing。”Wang Mengmeng still maintained that tone,Let people listen to it, the whole person is crisp。
“beauty,Although we met for the first time,On this occasion again,But I think you are the person I am looking for,Big crowd,It’s fate that makes us meet。”
“I have a car, a house and a deposit,I also have a heart that loves you, pets you with you,Be my girlfriend,Alright?”Hua Ziyu’s affectionate confession,As if no one else exists at this moment。
“Although very touched,But this handsome guy, do you confess so insincere?,Kneel down on one knee,You copy and paste even the lines?”Qin Feng is also speechless,I said casually
Sentence confession,But let him use it。
“Hua Ziyu,Don’t you have a fiancee?correct,Is the owner of this manor。”Zhang Dong relentlessly opposed the army,In his opinion, Hua Ziyu is**Naked robbing a woman with the boss,How can Zhang Dong let him succeed?。
“You have a fiancee?Confessed to me,Handsome guy, you want to step on two boats?”Wang Mengmeng couldn’t help laughing,You, like a bear, want to pick me up?
“I do not have,That was arranged at home,Besides, I don’t like that girl either,I won’t be with her。”
Hua Ziyu has his own little abacus in his heart,Although the family wants to arrange a blind date for him,But he never met that girl,If she looks like a dinosaur,What if you have ten manors,So I don’t want to give up the beauty of Huazi Yuningshe Manor。

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