It really kills a Golden beast!

She must be clear than anyone,The importance of swallowing the beast to the Western star field。
These western kills that run,It is a huge price.,Only from a more mysterious killing organization,Rent is available in fifteen swallowed beasts。
Not exaggerated,Every avantty,Currently related to countless western repairs。
If the Golden Beast is dead,These invasion of Western repairers,Will face an anger of mystic tissue。
As long as there is a swallowed beast of six heads,Don’t do anything in the night.,Westerners will take themselves。
Night Ji laughs,From the heart of the heart,“These days come,I have been asking for nine people.,Did not look at your trends,summer,You gave me a big surprise.。”
She is not an ordinary woman.,Soon down。
She rushed to the summer,“Although I know that this is difficult,Also very dangerous,But still hope that you can try to kill the Gold beast as much as possible.,By the time,Must have a thank you。”
The clouds and Liu Qing also smashed。
Summer smile,Backward,“I can only say that I do my best.。”
Since he came to Black Golden Star,The overall strength has a thickness of thickness.。
In vitro Xuanlu is unlimited150Meter。
Self-truth has also reached an extremely deep realm。
Not exaggerated,Today’s strength,Can already be in this planet。
His hand has five stars imprint,Two big bows。
A broken god bow,A big bow of a meta-level。
There is also a set of Tongmia,And the set of the battle armor。
It is worth mentioning that,There is also a thing worth studying。
That is the life of the Golden Beast.,It is also the power of the Golden Beast.。
It is said that there is an incredible ability to transform metal。
So many treasures,Some until now,There is no exploration and method in summer.。
There is a feeling in the summer.,Maybe a few,He will embark on new journey。
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How many days in the city,Summer re-departure。
Quietly left the city。

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