Wang Youcai yelled to Chen Yueqin again,Get into the car again,Start the car and leave。Watching my son leave again,Chen Yueqin’s face was extremely disappointed。

Two hours later,Wang Youcai’s Po Phuket has entered the Chenzhuang Landscape Tree Planting Base。Liu Yingyi who is cooking and Wang Youcai is here,So he ran out with both hands。
It has been many days since Wang Youcai left the base this time,They feel very kind when they meet。Liu Ying smiled awkwardly and said:“came back?See who tanned you”
“Hi!Blowing in the sun every day,Do you think it can be dark?”Wang Youcai said,And walked towards his office。
Liu Ying hurriedly took out the key and handed it to Wang Youcai.:“I’m afraid they go in and mess around,So I locked the door for you”
“Good job,Reward you well in the evening”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said,He couldn’t help laughing first。
Liu Ying bowed her head a little embarrassedly and cursed:“Look at your death,I can tell you。Yao Chunni found you two or three times,Don’t know what’s going on”
Speaking of Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai felt trouble。When there were no children before,It feels good to be together。It’s different now,Yao Chunni always talks about children,This gave Wang Youcai an invisible pressure。
Find him two or three times,This shows that there is something urgent。Wang Youcai went back to his room and sat for a while,So he got up and went to Yao Chunni。He has to settle here first,Otherwise something happens,That’s a big deal。
Winter mountain,Don’t look at the sun hanging red in the sky,But as long as the wind blows,That’s not cool,But a chill。
Chenzhuang with more than 30 households,Built on the hillside。Maybe it’s for choosing good terrain,The yards of these people are not connected together,It’s a mess。
The people in the village who have the ability to work have gone out to work,Some old people and children staying at home,I’m afraid they’re all on the warm kang at this time,This is the root of poverty。Because besides doing this,Feel that there is nothing else to do。
The big wooden door of Yao Chunni’s house is hidden,Wang Youcai lightly pushed。The door opened with a creak。
“Who?”With sound,Yao Chunni poked her head out of the door。She saw that Wang Youcai was here,My face suddenly changed color。
Wang Youcai walked in gently,He saw that the door of the upper room was tightly closed,I know that Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law Li Lanxiang is not at home at all。
“You still know that?”Yao Chunni lowered her head,A layer of blush on my ruddy face。

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