The laugh is not too long.,Waiting for the emperor is kicked out of the middle,Re-return,Black Luo brake frowns to see the golden body。

Golden powder floating,Yinfeng,Scattered four squares。
“I would rather destroy it.,Self-intelligent idiot,Really thought that your golden body is rare……”
Gu Qing Temple。
The front floor of the hall explodes the smoke,Empty‘Ah, ah.’Flying out from smoke,then“Oh, ah.”Landing,I can’t craw up on the ground.。
Hurt too much!
Black Luosa is almost half of him.,If it is not intentionally, he did not kill him.,Have been cool。
“hateful!Jiege、Fahai,It’s I harm you.……”
Emido,Noodles and humidity。
Sky slightly,Night,Welcomes dawn,But he can’t see a little dawn.,Bright,Feel the whole world is dark。
Big temple,Small monks 咋 咋 咋 咋 咋,Quarrel, gold, unknown,It should be the official website。
Almost at the same time,The incense in the hall is constantly lost,The gods of the gods are no longer,Like a lot of money,All running a lot。
Land male probe drill out the ground,I will pick it up from the grass.:“Big brother,Said that you don’t want to take a golden body,You don’t listen,This is just great,Disaster。”
“what happened,I am a big disaster.?”Emido looks at the blue sky,A salted fish like a soul。
“The ticket inside the fairy,You can urge the evil spirits,Cuisine is too big,Walking too late with you,Don’t want to be with you under an roof,All moving。”
Land public head,I have a few words.,Then after the shooting shoulders:“More people,So I will support you spiritually.,But for a lifelong bowl,I can only stand together with them.,I will flash first,You ask Du Fu!”
Look at the land public road,Strengthen the pain of the pain,Step by one, enter the main hall。
Instantaneous moment,A seat of the gods,Size gold statue is bleak,True to have a hateful dog,Look at it is too much to。
Ji Ji smiled,I haven’t ignored this group of unreliable colleagues,He ignored the small monk that surrounded the surroundings.,Frowning to see the biggest Guanyin image in the temple。
“Gaud,If you have heard it,Tell me,Where did I do wrong??”
Be awkward!
Fall into the voice,Guanyin like cracking digital slit,偌 大 金像 地 地 地,See the end of the way。
“impossible,They can’t see it.,Why do you also see……Is it really wrong??”
Emido color changing,Horn angle overflows a bright red,Vignetize:“Do not,I am not wrong,It is your god high.,People’s life is not good,But there is much more love than you.。”
Say,He wave,Want to reduce the crushing Guanyin image。
I want to use the guanyin priest.,To repair Guanyin Tricho,The result can be imagined,Pu fan half-air disintegration,A single shot,There is a fan left in the hand.。
癫 癫 愣 原,Fame after a shoot,Regret:“damn it,As early as saying that the fan will destroy,I should first resurrect Xiaoyu first.,Trushes, your big compassion,Give me a chance, it is good.?”
no respond,Pu fan only fan handle,The soul of the small jade inside,Can’t go back to the land tonight,Take another road to death。
Emido relies on the temple of the hall,Deficiency,Spirituality,Continuously spread the negative air pressure of decadent。
“Empty,Gold body?Where do you hide??”
The law is hurting,See the full room gold statue,Even the gold status of Guanyin Temple collapsed,Ahead of the eyes,I almost pumped over。

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