“Gray,What are you doing?!”Duan Yu also urgently asked。

Mu Yiqu is reluctant to talk,But the knife white phoenix is,Looking at the face of the wooden,But think of a one“Old man”,I have not pursued Mu Qingqing.,Instead, the evil is awkward:“Ah!Still not your owed windfarted debt!”Saying that a sleeve is going to leave
Duan Zhengli listens to a glimpse,Sleeve on the knife,I saw three monogravuls in the desktop.,Take a look at Muxi Qing,Suddenly understand what is going on……
more importantly,Duan Zhengqi from the appearance,Judging the age of the wood,Original angry emotions,Instantification!
“Gentle,Qinhong cotton……Who are you??Is she ok??”
chapter Ten uninvited guest
“Gentle,Qinhong cotton……Who are you??Is she ok??”Duan Zhengqi attitude180Turning,Duan Yu also can’t touch the brain。
Duan Zhengming is calm to go to the side,Appreciate the paintings hanging in the hall,As if the conflict has not existed,He should look at it here.。
“What Qin Red Cotton?I do not recognize。”Wooden 婉清。
“do not know?Then your kung fu is passing it to you.?”
“Is my Master,My master is called Gu Gun.……”
The Chu Deirers on the side heard the mouth,Heartway:Gupac……How to listen is true or name?You really believe that your Master is quiet?
“picture,alike……”Duan Zhengli also found,Mu Yuqing’s fine looks that there is a few points like Qin Honghua.,more importantly……There seems to be some like!
Then I asked the ethics of Mu Qingqing.,Although the wood is clear, I don’t know.,But the age is……
then,Then there was a famous name in history.“Your sister”event,Experience,Chu Deeng said holding reservations……
Just halfful,The passionate voice came from the courtyard.。
“Do you have you??Master is coming to save you。”
“Hahaha,I am about.?My Nanhai crocodile will come back again.!”
“Hey-hey,Size,I haven’t forgotten this uncle.?”
“Surnamed,You give me out,You know that you are very powerful.!”
“Sister,That man is scheming,I will not be able to go for a while.。”
“Don’t be noisy!Frightened my baby。”
“Duan brother,Today, the camellore accompany you.,In the future, I have forgotten what I promised the hunch.!”
“Hahaha,Rut,I will not say that this Dali will last.……What is the benefits when you arrive??”
Today’s Zhennan Wangfu,Hustle and bustle……
Chu Deiren and listened,After a sinking:“Is Dali not surnamed??”
Unfortunately, whether it is Duan Yu、Three people,Or doctors and messy,I haven’t thought about him to spit.。
Especially in the wood,At this time, I heard the voice of her Master.,I quickly want to seize the last life-saving straw like,Running out of the fall。
And some few people in bed,Naturally, it will not clean up the heart of the tableware.,Have a chance,Come to the courtyard。
Duan Yu is taking the wooden 婉清 that you want to go.——Jumping in the courtyard,Everything is not good。
Although Mu Yizhen wants to talk to a beautiful woman,It seems concern to her,But now the file,Duan Yu can not dare to take the other party as a friend!
And Chu Deiren looked at the people in the hospital,Suddenly there are some heads——Some understand、Some people don’t know、Some can guess,some……Not guess。
When one person is characterized by the most obvious,Five senses twisted,Obviously, extremely serious trauma,Most of the muscles on the face have never dead,At the same time, I still have the legs.,At this time。
Nine people,It seems to be based on him!
Coupled with just their words,Unhappy,That is the first of a single hall——The loam of the loam。
In addition, there is the Yue Laosan and Yunzhonghe Heads who have seen the Chu Deirens.,And a mad woman holding a empty,I want to come, it is a four-priced Ye Er.。

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