Yang Li didn’t know what Li Hui Feng asked this question.。

“no,I am saying that you will send the other party directly.,Unlike your style.!”
“Oh,He doesn’t listen to,I said that he spit out money.,I can also open one side.,He doesn’t listen,Then I can only send it.,I originally think of him for twelve years.,that time,He is essentially abolished.,After all, the problem with social disconnect is quite serious.。”
“But he asked me to spare.,So, finally he was sentenced to three and a half years.,I have not continued to pursue,He is fortunate.,Encounter me。”
I heard Yang Liki.,Li Hui also understands。
Banquet,Ye Shuangzhou also took the initiative to find Li Hui Feng。
“Lee brother,Winery,Let’s hurry.,I have no news。”
“Hey-hey,I have already thought about it.,There are more than 200 acres of places in my orchard.,Just open a winery is good,How about it?”
Li Hui’s things are not very in the winery.,But the leaves are very upset.。
I heard Li Hui’s words,Even alcohol can’t drink it.,Let Li speak together directly to see the position.。
Li Hui Feng, but the other party,Can only take the other party to see it。
The result is directly denied by the leaves of the leaves.。
“no,no,So many four-in-courts here,The winery starts may affect the villagers living here.,The location of the winery is still relatively good to be far from the village.。”
“Forehead,Where is Ye Big Brother ready to build??”
“Hey-hey,You next to your vegetable factory,How about it?
Originally, thinking in the Language Village,It’s just the same as the peach blossoms.,Some are not suitable。”
“alright,Since Yafo wants to build next to the vegetable factory next to the vegetable factory,However, these procedures have you need to help,How about it?”
This requirement for Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou is also row up。
After dinner,Everyone,Li Hui has been pulled away by the leaves of the leaves to the Ye Double Double Business Wine Factory.。
Li Hui is originally wanted to be a hand to control,But did not expect to discuss the winery with Ye Double。
However, it is indeed a lot of things when discussing with the other party.。
The position of the final winery is determined next to the vegetable factory.。
The reason why Ye Shuangzhou is doing,Yes, there is his own plan。
He directly went to the county to apply for industrial park.,It’s not a winery for the root.。
Once the industrial park is built,So it is also marking,The entire town began to flourish,Can even promote the entire county。
Li Hui Feng does not know these ideas of leaf double boat。
Ye Double is a little,But she is not very interested in these but。
After completing the double communication with Ye,Li Hui Hui went to the vegetable factory to sit.。
There is Li Hui’s day in the days.,Liu Dafu also felt some awkward。
If this is the previous,He definitely won’t be awkward,But since Zhao Xiaoli has to divorce him,He saw that Li Hui Hui was not twisted.。
Li Hui is the same,After all, some things he also admitted to do it.。
It may even be the stain in his life.,But he has not regretted this stain.,After all, what you want to happen is his voluntary。
Since it,He will naturally be responsible。
Looking at the vegetable plant produced by a car, the vegetable pickles were pulled away,Li Hui Feng suddenly feels that Han Shanshan has to force it.。
Immediately, pick up the phone to dialed the number that is incomparable.。
Han Shanshan received a call from Li Huifeng.。
Vegetable factory problem?”
“Board a big squad leader,Can you not have problems??”
Li Huiqian wants to tease each other。

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