Instead of waiting for the change,The Holy Lord feels that he has given up this mission,What guest?What big array?What monster family?Has nothing to do with him,He should start the next mission honestly。

The voice of the Holy Lord falls,A demon’s door suddenly appeared behind the Lord,The Devil’s Gate opens instantly,The Holy Lord turned and rushed into the Devil’s Gate,Next second,The Devil’s Gate dissipated in the courtyard。
“King King,what happened to him?Are we terrible?Still say that Jinlian has a problem?but,That voice seems to be a Buddhist scripture。”
Monkey King looked at the moment when the demon called the Holy Lord appeared in the golden lotus,He turned around and left without hesitation,Curiously asked。
He has no malice,He just wanted to invite this holy lord to join the monster race,Who ever thought that something happened suddenly in the courtyard,And this guy called Holy Lord is so courageous,Just turn around and run。
“Maybe it’s because this guy named Holy Lord really has something to leave.?But it’s okay,Go away,There is a lot of cause and effect in this guy,Stay here,Fear of occurrence。”
After Jingtian heard Monkey’s question,Said embarrassingly,What can he say?Could it be that this foreigner called the Holy Master just now has to say that he can be immortal,Then let him verify that what he said is true。
The result is just a sword gas,This guy called the Holy Lord just admitted it,Sedum is also helpless,It seems he can’t be so reckless next time。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One Buddhism
“In that case,Then forget it,Originally, I was thinking about recruiting this fellow called the Holy Master to join the Monster Race?Since this guy is so scared,Don’t join the monster clan。”
“Looks so hideous,So courageous,What a shame,But his appearance can be used for reference,I asked Big Gray Wolf to help me create an army of millions of puppets,I think it’s appropriate to make the puppet look like this guy。”
After Sun Wukong heard what Jingtian said,With emotion,I didn’t expect this guy called the Lord to be so courageous,Golden lotus,So scared,So timid,Unworthy of joining his demons。

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