The more Jiang Yan thinks about it, the more confused her mind is,She stayed in the office alone and thought about it all morning,I didn’t know why,Even the excuse she used this morning to hold a meeting,Was completely left behind by her。

“forget about it,The more I think, the more confused,I think it’s better to stay away from him recently。”Jiang Yan thought。
Qin Feng did not expect,Yuan Yi and Yun Duo, my former comrades-in-arms, came to the door,The reason is that they have children,Qin Feng accepted them helplessly。
Yuan Yi directly teased that Qin Feng is so old and has no children。
Qin Feng rolled his eyes again when he saw it,Said,“how?Is it great to be a father so early??Then you will know how terrible it is to have a child。Don’t come and find me at that moment
Go to shelter。”
Qin Feng said with cold water on the side。
After listening to this sentence,Yuanyi hasn’t spoken yet,The cloud beside him stared at Yuan Yi and roared,“you dare?”
Yuan Yihao ran over and explained to Yunduo,“Dare not dare,Daughter-in-law, why am I?,I love you and the baby is too late,Why would you want to go out to shelter from the limelight??”
“Brother Qin can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour,Maybe his brain is broken,Let’s ignore him!”
After hearing Yuanyi’s confessing flattery to Yunduo,Qin Feng also shouted at Yuan Yi,“Who are you talking about?Go go go,Is I stupid??How about martial arts?I’ll try it with you another day?”
Qin Feng gave Yuan Yi a sharp look。
After Yuanyi received Qin Feng’s eyes,,Hurriedly hid behind Yunduo,Took the cloud and said to her,“Wife, let’s go early。We have to go back and cook some soup,Baby must be hungry!”
Speaking of Yuanyi, he pulled the cloud,Left dingy。He doesn’t want to provoke the great Buddha Qin Feng。
Just sent away the young couple Yuanyi and Yunduo,Qin Feng collapsed on the sofa again and continued to read his previous information。
Because Jiang Yan is not here during this time,Jiang Yu and Qin Yan go to the company to take care of some affairs every day,After all, the Jiang family has been taken away,Haven’t got it back。
Qin Feng is doing nothing,When I think of it, my memory was a little confused due to practice.,Now I am thinking about whether to go out and get familiar with it,I heard a soft knock on the door。

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