“it is good!”

Liu family draws their swords,Seven or eight swords light straight to the sky,Accompanied by the coercion, it is extremely sacred。
As the heavy city of swords,The similar long-range attack that the Liu family has mastered is definitely a big help。
Wang Rongguang also looked around,The body jumps high directly,Quickly pinch out the law,In the next instant it turned into a five-six-meter seal。
The other kings also used their own housekeeping skills,All kinds of splendid martial arts are smashed out。
Compared to the flowers of these people,The Chen Family Chen Zhennan is just a silver gun in hand,Turned into an arc and left,Although the momentum is not huge,But quite weird。
Canaan Luo is the strongest among all teams,His shot is finished between raising hands。
Thirty or forty attacks hit this huge rock man at the same time,The flames obscured the sight in front of you,Wait for the smoke to clear,Everyone looked silently。
Because that big guy is totally fine,The attacks just now only caused a little bit of damage to the body of the strange stone man,No damage otherwise。
Too shocking,Don’t say it’s a treasure hunt now,Even life is hard to protect。
“How to do?”
“Where do i know what to do?”
People around,The situation is tense now,If there is a problem,They will stay here。

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