Accidentally leaked?

how is this possible!
When did Chen Geng say so without a door??
So-called“Accidentally leaked”,But Chen Geng deliberately conveyed this news to Lao Maozi。
You ask why?
Of course it is to keep the Soviet Union and the United States fighting。
These two years,In the field of diplomacy,The trend of Gorbachev bowing to the United States is becoming more and more obvious,For example, this time Gorbachev’s trip to the United States,Chen Geng applied a little pressure on him on behalf of the White House,Gorbachev immediately bowed his head and admitted。
This won’t work,This is not the result Chen Geng wanted,Lao Maozi will be like a bear,Fight the Americans,It is a period of opportunity for China to earn a few years,And at the same time,Maozi must live a few more years!
For the bear,Chen Geng is really broken。
First922chapter Teddy Bear,let’s move
Da Mao in action,Efficiency is still very high,What’s more, the minibus never thought about“Peace Gate Project2”with“Peace Gate Project3”Confidential,quickly,Mao’s intelligence department sent the latest news they got to the desk of the corresponding person:
“Peace Gate Project2”in,The minibus is ready to purchase11frameF-16,Respectively are6Single-seaterAType and5Two-seaterBtype,compared to“Peace Gate Project1”In that40frameblock 15standardF-16A/B,This11frameF-16Standard fromblock 15Promoted toblock 15OCUlevel(Operational Capability Upgrade,which is:Operational upgrade type)。
compared toblock 15,block 15OCUstandardF-16The fighter jet has undergone numerous upgrades and improvements,First of all,The biggest improvement is the replacement of more reliable F100-PW-220 engine;Secondly,The fuselage structure has also been reinforced like;once again,Although the radar system has not been replaced,But the software of the radar system has been upgraded,This batch exposes Oak 15OCUstandardF-16A/BFighter can launch with“Don’t care after launch”capableAIM-120 AMRAAMMedium-range air-to-air missile。

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